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  1. Over Revving??

    thanks for your kind suggestions, i eventually called out the RAC to have a look at my car who did a diagnostics test which apparently would cost between £40 and £70 at a garage for him to tell me it was an oxygen sensor(£40 to £50 just for the sensor which apparently a focus has 2 of), all before he lifted the bonnet, when he did lift the bonnet he said he could here a hissing sound so checked some of my pipes and found a hole in the Vacuum Hose, unfortunately its a dealer part, so rang my main dealer who said to take it in, was there about 20mins, car now runs like a dream and all for the grand total 0f £11-55, fitted as well, saving myself at least £100 to £150. :D
  2. Ford Focus 1.8 Zetec Help

    i'm also having this problem with my 2001 focus, help!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Over Revving??

    i had some problems with my 2001 ford focus zetec, car was cutting out at junctions and roundabouts etc, serviced the car which is now running slightly better but instead of cutting out at roundabouts and junctions its over revving, also the engine seems to be misfiring whilst idle, any help will be greatly appreciated cos am reluctant to take it to a garage and to be honest cant really afford too x
  4. Ford Focus Misfire

    My 2001 Ford Focus Zetec is misfiring whilst idle, we have tried, spark plugs, oil change, oil filter, and air filter, and still the same, any ideas?????