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  1. Hey All, My gf's car decided it wanted to spurt coolant all over the engine bay today out of a hose that seems to have broken off something that goes towards the dashboard, at the back of the engine bay, here are some pics to help explain... Does anyone know what part that box is and if it needs replacing or is it fixable? Many Thanks!
  2. Hi All, Happy New Year! My girlfriends car is a year 2000 fiesta zetec 1.2 She's been complaining that on a cold start sometimes changing down gear or going into neutral will cause the engine to cut out and kind of stall but it doesn't shutter like its stalling. Ive took the car out for the spin and confirmed it has this issue, it doesn't seem like a stall but putting the clutch in and the revs drop as normal, however sometimes it causes the engine to cut out altogether and only the battery light is light up on the dash, its pretty dangerous as steering locks and you need to quickly turn the key to start the engine again! Ive spoken to one guy about this and he thinks its to do with an air component, ive took a picture of said part that he believes needs replacing and circled it in red... Does anyone agree with him and it could sound like that? could you tell me what the part is please and how easy it is to replace? Thanks!
  3. Winter Tyres

    Its not to early to start this debate off again is it? hehe I will need to save for some winter tyres this year, so I want to get a rough idea now of how much I should save and get the tyres in advance before the mad rush and everywhere sells out (like last year) First of all, are they really worth it? Do you notice a big big difference in handling in the snow? What tyre would you recommend? My tyre size is 195/45 R16, this is for a Fiesta mk7. Cheers!
  4. Hi All, Hope your well! My mk7 Fiesta has started sounding 6 beeps when the engine has turned off after a drive. I would say it happens 2 times out of 10 maybe. I originally thought it might be because of the car battery being low and is a warning for that? i do run my radio without the engine on alot, and use the in-car charger for my phone alot. Can anyone confirm this is what the beeps mean? They sound like they come from the dash, abit like the petrol warning beeps, just 6 of them lol. Any advice would be great, Cheers!
  5. Mantis Instant Shine - Jml

    Thanks Dan, I am going to try that out :)
  6. Saw this advertised on the TV - http://www.jmldirect.com/Mantis%C2%AE-Instant-Shine-PM4201/ Has anyone tried it? Advert here - Are there any other "water free" cleaners like that you guys would suggest is better? Also, what towels would you use to apply and buff the product? im worried that a micro fiber with a massive pile will scratch :( Cheers!
  7. Thanks Kabs, and Ben! They look wicked
  8. kabz, what alloys are they on your car? I love that new screen Thanks
  9. Massive Crack :(

    Are you fully comp? It should be free. Even if you arnt Fully Comp, £70 for a new windscreen aint bad, it looks like some kind of stone chip to me though. Similar thing happened to me, following a lorry and a stone chipped my window, i got some and it was smaller than a 5p. Went in doors to called my insurance company and they asked me to measure the crack. As i put a ruler on the windscreen, the cracked expanded by 7 inches :(
  10. Turned out to be spark plugs :S put a new set it and everything is back to normal. Its a shame Ford didn't think of checking them.
  11. To be fair to the actual ford mechanic who was a nice bloke, he wasn't told the exact problem i was having, the booking girl cant write down what im saying properly it seems. They had changed the coil pack but its still the same. Luckily ive got a ford mechanic friend who ive took it to and he plugged up their computer diagnostics dongle and didnt find any faults on the ecu's log regarding the miss fires. Took out the spark plugs and one smelled abit off, its done 26000 miles and at 30000 your ment to change the spark plugs, so im going to buy some through ford and see if they fix it :) If it isn't the spark plugs, then i really am lost :( there arnt any air leaks either! Nightmare :(
  12. I could try a different dealer i spose, thanks for taking the time to look at the video, i will call them again today.
  13. Hi All, My petrol mk7 Fiesta seems to be miss firing slightly and it will not hold a steady amount of revs. If i try and put my foot on the accelerator pedal and keep it still at 2000rpm, the revs will go up and down about 300rpm each side without me moving my foot. You can notice the car juddering at 30mph in 4th gear keeping your foot still, it judders forward and back slightly. Its just come back from Ford today and they had fitted a new coil (i think it was called a coil) which is meant to fire the spark plugs? This was meant to stop the miss firing issue but the exact same problem is still there! I'm dreadful with mechanics, so here is a video showing the rev problem and the sound the exhaust makes when the car is just ticking over - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-tvBIjdz2o Exhaust noise is at 50seconds in Please can you guys tell me if you think there is a problem somewhere? and what you would suggest to Ford it is? I really feel like a prat going in there without a clue as to what the problem can be, and it seems that if you don't know what your talking about, they will mug you off. Thank You All J
  14. Spraying Front Grille? Mk7

    You assumed correctly! Thanks for the link, looks like i will be phoning round today for some quotes, lets hope i dont have a heart attack when i get some prices lol