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  1. Ford Fusion 1.4Tdci

    That all i have to say is WAW what a car. I have just returned from touring France in the car. from Calais,Normandy, Brittany,and then down to the south France and then back to Paris and then home all in 16 days. I was a bit sceptical in driving that mileage in a small engine car. but we where 3 including myself with the boot full and it chugged away at 75-80 mph all day. I worked out mpg at around the 60 mark, which was great, down side spent £180 in tolls for the motorways. but we did do over 2900 miles round trip anti clockwise of France. weather was 30-36c down the south and still quite warm up till Calais. mileage on the car is now hitting 45k on a 04 plate car. it did not use any water or oil. car did feel better in pulling as the French don't have ultra low sulphur fuel and at 1.29 euro a Lt it was cheeper. so good on ya Henry Ford. jools
  2. Fuse Box

    Have to agree on the Halfords thing :) I have to agree with you there , as a few years ago they had staff that really knew what they wear on about, today they have 16-18 year olds with no experience at all, they simple show you where things are!!! And the prices are going through the roof, etc H4 bulb is £9.99 in any car shop they are as low as £2 they will be out of business before long as greed is taking them over. sorry for hijacking this thread but i had just to say that. jools
  3. Annoying Fusion Rattle

    I'm glad that you found the annoying rattle :D I had a annoying rattle problem, but i ended buy a second hand driver seat from a car breakers yard and getting a local car seat upholster to change the covers over. So i know how you feel. jools
  4. Ford Fusion 1.4 Tdci

    I have also been told not to fit a tunning box as they just have a resistor in side them to fool the ecu that the car is running lean. Remap is the right way, just been looking you can get a mobile re-mapper for around the £190- £220 mark or there are company's taking in your ecu and for £99 but you have to remove yourself and refit when back, they are giving a 3 day turn around. I'm interested in your air flow sensor "SKYMAN" How did you find that this was the problem!! where is it and is it expensive to change and also easy to change!! as my car is low miles " very old gent previous owner" but 6 years old and i think that i have not got the 68Bhp, this is why a remap. jools
  5. Ford Fusion 1.4 Tdci

    Has anybody on here taken the plunge and had the car re-mapped or fitted a tunning box, from 68bhp to the magic 90. are there any pros or cons or problems that you have found out later. joolstdi
  6. 1.4Dci - No Remote Key Fob

    When i just bought my car i had the same problem 2 keys but they where just standard keys not remote ones. this is what i did, contacted my local Ford Dealership (Parts department) with my vin number just under your passenger wiper blade. They can look up what spec your car came out of the factory if its a UK car. Mine did not have the remote receiver that you need for the remote control :( . But you can buy a kit that converts a remote that looks like an alarm phobe :D 3 buttons 1 to open 2 to close 3 to open the boot £85 all in including fitting so i'm thinking about this, as i have just had a parrot MKi9100 hands free kit fitted today from the same bloke Today Chris ( ABERTAWE CAR ELECTRICS ) Tel 07973163191, Swansea area south Wales He did an Execllent/neat job Hope this helps jools
  7. Thanks for your reply , I have just bought some from Halfrauds they have reduced Castrol 5w-30 fully synthetic down to £25.59 for a 4 liter tin. you can't go wrong with that!! jools
  8. Just about to change oil in the car, But there is full synthetic or part synthetic 5w-30 oil to be had, and they both have the same ford spec on them. will the full oil give a better protection and also make the engine less rattly or i'm i just wasting the extra money and should just stay with the semi oil. the book that came with the car does not specify which oil to put in. can you shed some light on this. joolstdi
  9. I would have a look at the relays on the car. If you have't already done this. The next would be an Auto electrician or even a ford dealership As they should be able to connect their diagnostic equipment in to see what is the matter with the car. some jobs we can all do, but some are best left for the dealers. can you see any fault lights on the dashboard!! As you said it has only happened a few weeks ago so it might only just be some sort of clinch in the cars ECU (brain) And a check of fault codes and clear of the fault codes might cure it. Retrace your steps Did you/garage disconnect the cars battery for anything; service etc Have you gone through any deep water!!! Have you had any work done on the radio/removal of radio!! hope this has helped let us know how you got on. joolstdi
  10. Help With Clutch Problem

    Hi all i need your help and expertise, i have recently bought a fusion 2 1.4 tdci with on 35k on the clock genuine miles. car is a 04 plate car. I have had a few niggles with the car which i am slowly going through. The clutch on the car is nice and light and it gets into all gears as it should, but the clutch bites right at the top end of the pedal!!! it does not slip but its on a hair trigger right at the top of the pedal. Is this normal for the car as i am not use to it yet. Or is this a comman fault with this car. can the clutch be adjusted or is it a fixed clutch. Or do i need a new clutch, if so how much are they. please give me your thoughts. joolstdi
  11. Intermittent Starting Problems, 53Reg 1.6

    Sounds like you have a problem with the solenoid of the starter which is sticking on sometimes. Can you feel the starter motor to see if it is warm? Another problem could be a bad Earth, check the lead going from the battery to the chassis of car for breaks/damage. joolstdi
  12. 3 Question On Fusion Problems

  13. 3 Question On Fusion Problems

    Just an update. the noise clicking is comeing from the radio it sounds like the cd turning !! I have just bought a secondhand seat to try to see if the noise has gone. will keep you informed on that. The clutch is very light and bites right at the top is this normal!!! joolstdi
  14. 3 Question On Fusion Problems

    Thats 1 question down and 2 to go. It look like the glow plug light does not light until it goes under -1 the noise inside the dash, i will try and record. an update on the seat i have re cleaned the old white grease i put on, and heat gun the plastic on the grey side case by the elevation handle in case it was the plastic to try and get it back to its original shape. will keep you updated on progress. joolstdi