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  1. hoping to get my coilovers soon!!

  2. Help.

    hiya :D i use to have one of these :P im new on here aswell so not sure how to post an add but iv'e sold all my cars through pistonheads and found it to be really usefull. no harm in giving it a try. good luck with your sale
  3. Where To Get A Service?

    :D hey :D if it was me and a major service was recommened i would get it done, atleast that way you have peace of mind. a full ford service history always looks good to a buyer but i wouldn't be put off if it wasn't all ford, save yourself the cash :D never heard off that windscreen treatment...could just be another one of those things you never really need done but maybe worth a shot, im curious
  4. Escort Cabriolet

    hey :D what engine that running? and milage? i know of someone selling one similar age with 75k on it for £2000 but its also running an rs2000 engine
  5. Hi!!

    thanks for the warm welcome guys :D
  6. Hi!!

    you know it?
  7. Hi!!

    hey just joined, drive a mk6 zetec-s fiesta in frozen white, love it! :D
  8. The Arty Car Photo Thread

    my mk6 frozen white zetec-s