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  1. Radio Serial Number

    Thanks Greg (I did mean it as a joke) - of course I will give it my best, anything is worth a try.
  2. Radio Serial Number

    Hi Greg, Hmm charm not sure I have much of that but it will be worth trying. :D
  3. Radio Serial Number

    Hi Stoney871 thanks for that I will have a look.
  4. Radio Serial Number

    I am trying to get the serial number for my 6000cd radio. Ford have told me they can get it for a charge of £18 I know this might not sound much but for me it is.. I have found this number my pressing a few button on the radio I/053399 can anyone tell if this is what I need? I know I am unable to get the actual radio code from this site but any advice would be greatly appreciated. Regards
  5. Mk6 Cd/radio

    No the garage said they werent given any of the Manuals from the previous owner but I should be able to download one. Anyway thanks for looking I will order one from Ford..
  6. Mk6 Cd/radio

    Does anyone have a link to download the Fiesta owners maunal for 2007 Zetec I can only download the latest one.
  7. Mk6 Cd/radio

    Thanks 1an3 thats the one..
  8. Mk6 Cd/radio

  9. Mk6 Cd/radio

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know where I can download a User Manual for the CD/Radio in a 2007 Fiesta Zetec
  10. Mk 6 2007 Zetec

    I havent got anything - Unfortunatly the garage never had any of the books from the previous owner.. Where will i find the serial number?
  11. Mk 6 2007 Zetec

    I have recently purchased a Fiesta 1400 Zetec Climate 2007 but havent been given a code for the CD/Radio Help..
  12. Odometer

    Hi I have recently purchased a 2007 reg Ford Fiesta 1400 Zetec but I cant see how to reset the trip. can anyone help?
  13. Mk6 (?) Trip Computer

    Oh Sorry yes it should..
  14. Mk6 (?) Trip Computer

    I have just got a 2007 Fiesta aswell my button have three different types of display so keep pressing and you should get back to where you want to be..