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  1. Planing to get a Focus ST couple of questions

    Your local bodyshop can do wonders and make it look exactly like the 08 model... but it'll cost you a lot! Especially if you want to put the new headlights and stuff in as that is a TRICKY thing to do but can be done. If you want the new 08 look, there are a few places that will do a replica kit for the older models, making it look like the newer model but with the old headlights. Personally i dont think it looks right, but you may disagree. If you are seriously considering updating the look in a year or so when you have more money, go to your local bodyshop now and get their opinion on how much it will cost and how like the newer model they can make it and judge it for yourself from there. I'd stick with the standard 06 model. Still looks great in my opinion
  2. Focus engine questions

    Hey! I have the exact same car (55 plate 1.6 LX) and I love it. I’ve been really impressed by its handling, speed, power (pretty quick for a 1.6) and fuel economy. The only fault I can find is that the road noise is louder in a focus compared to some other cars, but even then it's not bad at all. The revs aren't overly high, doing about 3500 rpm at 80MPH. My car has always started first time every time. My parents continuously borrow the car to get shopping in the boot, carry passengers (leg room in the back is great) or to just generally when they don’t want to put much effort in to driving. It’s lovely to drive and as an added bonus, it is really easy! I learnt to drive in a focus and now I have mine (I actually learnt in 2 different focus') and none of them have ever had problems or been a bother. I would definitely recommend it to anybody. Any other questions just ask Fraser