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  1. Hi Paul I'm Paul too..... also a Mondeo owner.... also interested in cricket.... and also not able to be described as "mechanically literate"
  2. My technical knowledge is limited but I will do my best ;)
  3. I've had a door mirror spider for a few months now, but I've never seen him only his webs.
  4. I'm Paul, I'm soon to be 28 and I own a W reg Mondeo MK2
  5. Hi everyone, New to the forum via Facebook. Long time ford lover. Former Ford Mondeo owner, Ford Galaxy owner, now back to a Ford Mondeo MK2. This is my second car forum, I'm a staff member on the FGOC (Ford Galaxy Owners Club) but looking to broaden my knowledge base and interact with users and drivers of other cars. My brother's just bought an 07 Fiesta so I'm trying to coax him into joining too as I'm sure he'll find it useful. I continue to attend National and Regional meets with the FGOC and have been to a www.fordmeet.co.uk meet at the Stockyard in Rotherham. Look forward to look
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