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  1. Omg

    Thats fully comp mate, i know this was an old thread but just saw this reply. My insurance is now dropping to £600 in may with my 2 years no claims.
  2. i wasnt saying it in a bad way. Like i said i am getting some myself anyway. Im not fussed about the laws with HID kits lol. They look good so im getting some.
  3. mk7 shiny black plastics pics

    Car looks great! i have got my car in to be sprayed next month. It was booked in in december but i got my exhaust instead. I fancy doing the rear wiper but i know i will get 6 yards on the motorway and then wont be able to see! ha..
  4. Incredibly Stupid Design

    I know that you need the little black funnel to fill the car up so i thought it would be the same to take it out. i know cos i had to fill up with a petrol can the other month and when i tried using the petrol can it pushed the silver flap open but sent it to the floor. it only worked and went into the tank when i used the funnel.
  5. Im a fan of HID's just waiting to get some myself.. But I have heard that they are illegal though. But its not because they are not 'E' marked its because its not a standard item on the car. Cars with HID's (if im right) have to have auto adjusting lights and also have washer jets on the lights to make them legal. That just what I've heard anyway.
  6. Omg

    I'm 18 years old and have a 1.6 Zetec S.. I only pay £800 for the year.. And I only have 1 years no claims! But then my mate who lives 2 miles away pays £3000 on a 1 litre 106.
  7. Mk7 Engine Bay

    I'm interested! Been waiting for something like this for ages lol
  8. Fascia Colour!!

    Looks awesome.. Being thinking of doing this for a wile after a friend did it in his focus.. Only other thing out of place now is the gear knob.
  9. Heated Seats

    Hi guys, just wondering if anyone has managed to get any pics of the elements? i havnt looked in mine yet but just wondering what they look like so i know what im loking for.. and how do you go about putting the switch in for them if they are. also.. does anybody know if they can be added to the seats if they are not there? like can you go back to ford to have it fitted? Cheers
  10. At Last I've Worn Them Out

    Your lucky they lasted that long pal.. my front two tyres that came with the car were Bridgestone Potenza's and they lasted 11k on the front and 23k on the rear.
  11. these look awesome.. think i might have to purchase one.. dont know about the group buy tho.. bit confusing and complicated for me.. cudnt be bothered trying to organise it ha
  12. Mk7 Zetec S Petrol To A Zetec S Tdci

    looking good! white is the way forward! ha
  13. New Sony Radio For The Mk7

    Loving the look of this new head unit.. Although i would definitly have all silver plastics sprayed.. has anyone seen anywhere to buy it? would love to fit it into my car.. Jamie
  14. The Ambient Lighting Installation Guide!!!!!!!!!!!

    I like the look of this!.. tho im thinking blue rather than red, but only because it would suit my car more than red.. Pretty good guide ther pal!
  15. Mk7 Parts

    Good deal you got going on ther.. if i didnt already have the piper cat back system i would be very interested.. but wanna stick to Piper so im not mixing and matching.
  16. Update Of My Zetec S (Pics)

    no mate, that wasnt my girlfriend lol.. i came over onmy own and you was sat in your car with one of your friends.. i have a few lil pics uploaded already but thats just with roof,wheels and exhaust.. what you thinking about doing next anyways? not a rite lot more you can do is ther? ha Jamie
  17. Where To Buy Interior Rubber Mats?

    i just looked online on: http://www.european-parts.net/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=140_138&products_id=1063 they what you looking for?
  18. Where To Buy Interior Rubber Mats?

    Honestly pal.. your best bat is going to your Ford Dealer and asking them about the mats. I believe that you can also buy the wind deflectors from your dealer as well.. other than that try 'ebay' or 'European parts' on the internet.
  19. Standard Steel 15" Mk6 / Mk7 Wheels

    The wheels from the mk7 should fit as they will be the standard ford fitment.. If unsure check the PCD on your existing wheel against the wheel on the ebay listing.
  20. Where To Buy Interior Rubber Mats?

    im not sure about the mats.. but the wind deflectors are a bit of both.. they can be a bit for show but they look good!:) but also they allow you to have the window down when its raining to get fresh air and without gtting gusts of wind in your face!
  21. Update Of My Zetec S (Pics)

    car looks awesome pal! you have pretty much done everything that i want to do! ha i just got mine booked in for plastics all doing.. I got a white ZS and have already had roof and wheels done metallic black so gonna get plastics done to match. Also i just had a prototype exhaust fitted by Piper. i found the link on this forum and got in touch so now have a nice exhaust fitted for free :D looks mean slammed tho.. thinking about getting the AP's as a christmas present to myself ha! Sammy, were you at 'Fiesta in the Park (FITP)' a couple months ago by any chance? think i saw you there and came over to chat! lol. Jamie (jamham92)
  22. I like this a lot! great guide there! think i might be having a ride up to the scrappers tomorrow.. ;)
  23. Mountune Spoiler Extenions On Frozen White Z-S

    These look awesome! I want to buy some my self but there a bit dear really.. especially at this time of the year.. Ive got the white fiesta as well but with a black roof and wheels so i think it will go really well
  24. Piper Exhaust For Mk7 Zs

    Hi guys, should have a picture up in the morning but just thought i would say that i got the free! exhaust system from piper that was posted up on here a couple weeks back. i saw the post on here about the free exhaust from Piper and thought it would be worth a try and emailing him to find out more. i am now happy to say i am the proud owner of the prototype system from Piper Exhausts! :D Jamie