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  1. Problem started a few weeks back with a shake through the seats of the car when driving along the motorway comes in at 65mph and goes at warp speeds, I have had the wheels balanced by the most reputable company on the south coast along with the wheels being checked for buckles or defects on the second visit. (the balacing was still spot on from the first visit !) I have changed rear ARB drop links and bushes along with complete rear subframe and bushes, within the last 6 months have also change both rear hub assemblies. Handbrake cables and both rear calipers, disks and pads also changed and the cables religiouly cable tied and secured into place, I have checked and the handbrake cable is still nice and secure ! Also changes the N/S shock top mount Problem is I am still no closer to finding the source of the problem and seem to be throwing money at it and getting knowhere, what i have found today however is that the n/s rear wheel has play in it when putting force on it at the top, shaking it back and forth at the top most part of the wheel gives a feeling of play from something, also if you genlty tap the wheel from the rear applying the force towards the front of the car there seems to be alot of shaking from the wheel along with a muffled rattling sound, could it be the 6 month old hub unit has play in it already or am I missing something else ? Any help is appreciated as despite this issue the car runs like a dream covered 28k last year and never skipped a beat would be a shame to see it go over something that seems so simple... if only I could find it ! By the way the car is a 53 plate zetec s 2.0 tdci 130 Cheers
  2. 12V Dc Socket

    Thanks for the quick response just been out but there is no diagram on the glovebox that I can see, Am i being blonde or is it just not there Steve
  3. 12V Dc Socket

    Firstly Like to say HI, Secondly I have a 2010 Ford Focus on hire from AVIS and the flamin 12v sockets dont work, assuming it the fuse can anyone tell me which fuse number and box the fuse is in, Being helpful Avis have said take the car back to the lending garage but thats a bit difficult when 300 miles away from home !!,, there is no manual in the glovebox so any help appreciated. The Cars full details are Ford Focus 1.6lx and its on a 2010 plate reg FL10 EWP.. Thanks in advance Steve