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  1. Ka Problems

    Cheers mate, Suppose the problem I have with that is if I was to spend say £200 quid getting it in shape I wouldnt mind but seen as the car only cost £500 I am a bit against spending nearly the cost of the car again in repairing it. The new MOT on it is due in July so looking to get it to then as don't think it will pass its MOT and can save and get a new car by then
  2. Ka Problems

    Cheers for that, My GF does have breakdown cover. With the Exhaust and the Squeaking I kind of figured that it was obvious what it was so if I take it to the garage and they are not con artists and honest then hopefully wouldnt cost me too much to fix. My problem is the Oil light as the various things it could be could hike the repair price up I suppose Do you know what the price of a full new exhaust incase it was that and worse case scenario. Also with the squeaking if it was the actual alternator what sort of price would I be lookng at Thanks again
  3. Ka Problems

    Hi All, Newbie here just wondering for a few answers if possible. My girlfriend has a Ford Ka R reg which we bought a few months ago for just under £500. The car had no recent Service History and was going cheap because of that but as it was a 1st car for her so took a risk. The problem I have now is I am moving to a new job in my company whihc doesnt require field work so I will be giving my comapny car back. This means we are soon to be down to one car in the household and I am a bit worried about the few problems the car has now that we havent got a backup car if the Ka fails. Listed below are the few problems so wondered if anyone couldhelp me on whether it is worth repairing these issues. On top of everything I currently cannot afford to even get myself a cheap run arouns so the choices are limited. Exhaust blowing - For the last month the exhaust has been blowing and I am worried it could fall off at any minute. Other than that the noise doesnt bother me. Should this be something I could risk leaving. Squeaking from engine - I think the alternater belt is squeaking and I am not sure if it is the belt or alternater. The battery light did come on a few weeks ago for a few days on and off and now has dissapeared. Should I be sorting this. Oil Light - The oil light comes on about every 6 weeks and have to top up again. I have checked around car after being stationery and cant see any leaks. I am worried this could be something wrong with the engine. Any advice much appreciated as I am wondering is it worth spending a couple of hundred on it to keep it running as I cant really afford to spend maybe 6/700+ on a decent car.
  4. Ford Ka Squeking Noise

    Hi All, Total newbie here and not an expert on cars so apologies for stupid questions in advance We bought my G/F a Ford Ka 1998 1.3i a few weeks back and got it cheap as took a gamble on it as had no service since 2000. Anyway last week we noticed that when the heater is on it wont blow cold air when the cold setting is on, just blows warm air out. If we set it to the hot setting it does however get hotter so the fan works if switching between warm and hot but not the cold setting. Also this morning my G/F rang me as the car was making a squeaking noise form the engine. She stopped the car and then drove off 5 mins later and noise had stopped. Now my first instance was Alternater Issue whether it be the belt or wire correded or something however with the fan issue as well didn't know if both were linked. Any help on this would be great. I am thinknig Alternater Belt or Heating Valve for fan but don't want to start replacing things until I know as may be something cheaply I can do myself Cheers for any help in advance