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  1. 2011 New Shape Ford Focus Botch Up

    I'm the first to agree with you rob, everything has "teething" troubles but, one and a half weeks from picking it up?? and to completely stop dead on what was quite a busy M60 on a Sunday afternoon????? - Just imagine if that happened in rush hour...... I wonder if Ford would be prepared to pay Funeral expenses??? Just a thought. I did actually speak to somebody at the dealership this afternoon and they said to take it in and let them have a look - A LOOK???? As its a motability car for my partner, I wonder how/where I'd stand on a replacement, if it has happened once, then I'm sure it'll do it again. Scorp
  2. 2011 New Shape Ford Focus Botch Up

    In the order form it says 2011 new shape - so I dunno, although, if it does the same trick to me again - Ford are so going to wish it was their 2020 edition.
  3. Took delivery of the all new Ford Focus 1.6tdci Zetec on the 29th of March. One and a half weeks & 700 miles later the F****R decided to stop dead on the M60 today, no power steering, intrument panel going bonkers, electric mirrors folded in.....NO ENGINE!!!!!! After wrestling with it to get over to the hard shoulder (and out of immediate danger) I called the RAC out who said that two of the ECU's had stopped communicating. NOT A VERY GOOD START FORD, wouldn't you agree??? If this is the start of things to come then Ford can have it back now.
  4. Water in spark plug ports

    All, I've got the same problem as well....... Had to get the AA out to it yesterday morning who (so called) fixed the problem...... The AA guy said that it was water from the engine, getting in through little holes in each spark plug port. Later yesterday afternoon the problem came back with a vengeance and I had to take it into my local Ford Dealer. Today I have been told that it is indeed the washer jets that leak down onto the core plugs and in turn, the spark plugs. I am now looking at new Core Plugs, Spark Plugs and new washer jets at the tidy sum of £300 plus!!!! Now I am car less for the forseeable future with no courtesy car and little hope of being able to hire one. THAT IS OF COURSE......... Hoping that the Spark Plugs haven't seized into the cylinder Head in which case will involve more work (naturally) and a couple of grand to pay up for the privilage. I cant believe FORD are aware of the problem and did nothing to sort the "dodgy" ones out - Its left to me (Mr Average - whos only had the car for 6 months) to shell out for the repair????? My Parents have a new shape focus - Cylinder Head guarded from water very nicely there, hey guys?!?!?!?!? Fortunately I am on holiday this week but WN7 to M17 for 5am on Monday morning is not something I am looking forward to at all!! THANKS FORD!!! GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!!!! Scorpio