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  1. Cigar Lighter Fuse Blowing

    Any ideas how you get in to take the socket out? Sourced a replacement second hand from a scrap merchant.
  2. Cigar Lighter Fuse Blowing

    Yep blew when the charger was in the socket. Thought it was the charger and bought new one. But it is fine as works on the socket in the boot ok
  3. Cigar Lighter Fuse Blowing

    Hi, was using my cigar lighter to charge my phone over the weekend when I was away. The fuse blew and I replaced it yesterday with another 20Amp fuse. It worked ok in daylight. However when I went in last night and plugged the phone in to charge and put the lights on etc it blew again. Is this likely to be a faulty cigar lighter socket now or do I require to put a higher amp fuse in (25 perhaps) Thanks Martin
  4. smax official trouble topic

    Hi, I have a 37 month old Smax 2.2 Titanium (12 Plate). Before my warranty ran out the keyless entry stopped working and after a week in the garage it was fixed. Rusty pin on small matchbox controller in headlining caused by dampness. Today much to my horror it has stopped working again. However when I phoned my dealer advises me the repair warranty ran out with the main warranty last month and I may be liable for repair costs!. Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks Martin
  5. Hi, ok deleted all phones and still no joy. Any other suggestions would be appreciated Thanks Martin
  6. Hi, deleted all bar my wives. Will remove that as well and give it another go and let you know how it goes Martin
  7. Yes set to visible as checked it on my friends SMAX system and connected without an issue
  8. Hi, I have upgraded my phone to a Samsung Galaxy S4 from a Samsung Galaxy S2. However I cannot connect my phone to my Sony CD6000 Radio. Code does not appear when I try to pair. I have tried looking at the compatibility list on the ford site but the link does not work. Any suggestions would be gratefully received Thanks Martin
  9. Smax Rear Brake Noise

    Hi I have a 2012 S-Max 2.2 Diesel. Since I have owned it the rear brakes have made a squeeling noise when reversing. At the service in March the garage agreed after some debate to deglaze them (Not normally covered under waranty). The noise has now returned. Anyone know of folks who have had the same issue. I read that this can be an issue with some focus models. Also I had a 2008 S-Max previously and never experienced this issue Thanks Supersons
  10. Biodiesel

    Hi, I notice my local morrisons is now stocking biodiesel. Will my 08 plate Smax 2.0 Titanium run on this? Thanks, Martin