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  1. thanks for everyones replies - you've put my mind at rest. will not use air con no more lol
  2. hello all so today ive been driving around, its been quite hot... and i noticed my car was doing a rather strange clicking noise every sort of 30-60 seconds. i stopped my car and left the engine running, and popped the bonnet. It sounds like the clicking noise was coming from the fan belt area and car sounded like it was overheating ??? anyway... found out it was because i had my aircon on.... but should my car make some strange clicking noise every time i have my air con on?? hope this makes sense? may take it back to dealer.... Thanks in advance for any help or advice... katie
  3. Hey Guys Nice list thanks for sharing it!! I'll deffo be doing some of the small mods (or rather getting my brother to do it) May even add photos :D Katie
  4. Rear Seat Speakers Not Working?

    Hi Martyn So the speakers in the back will just be like for show? What ur saying makes sense actually. The balance thing is right, only left and right! And when I choose driver audio and all audio it only changes the speakers at the front! Thanks for explaining! Katie
  5. Rear Seat Speakers Not Working?

    Equaliser just says rock pop classic off Hmph! I have no clue with this stuff as uv prob guessed!
  6. Rear Seat Speakers Not Working?

    It's a fiesta zetec s yeah- think that's what I've put! Can't check as on my phone! I shall check equaliser now! Thanks :)
  7. Hi all Discovered today that the rear seat speakers don't work?! I checked on the audio menu that the sound wasn't set to just driver, it's set to all, but still no sound from them! Can anyone help me or suggest anything? Many thanks Katie
  8. Great Start To My Day....

    sooo... i go to start my car this morning... lights up.... shuts down! no power what so ever... can't even lock it!! what a nightmare, especially as it's booked in at the garage tomorrow for a new wing mirror....!!! just needed to rant! aarrghhh!!
  9. Problem With Screen Wash Jets

    Ah thanks guys it's sorted !
  10. Hi all I have a problem where no screen wash is coming out when I press the button. I filled it up this morning and poured water over the jets to clean them but still nothing? It's making the sound as if it wants to work but nothing. Can anyone help at all? I have a zetec s 60plate Thanks
  11. Hi all Just out of curiosity, are u able to get the Bluetooth and USB connection fitted into the car after you've purchased if you didn't originally choose it? Thanks
  12. Replacement Wing Mirror

    Yeah I did. For mirror, outer casing and the colour coded Thingy it's costing me £155. Sorry my explanation is poor I'm a woman I'm sure ul understand lol
  13. Replacement Wing Mirror

    As part of my agreement I'm pretty sure any repair has to be done by a ford dealer! Lost the plastic painted cover, the glass is smashed, it's just a standard pack, no foldable mirrors etc gonna ring this morn and find out. Thanks for your help tho :)
  14. Replacement Wing Mirror

    Evening! Driving home from work my wing mirror was hit by another car and is now hanging off :( I have a brand new ford fiesta zetec s, anyone know how much roughly it will be costing me to replace? Thanks in advance!
  15. Hello all Going to pick up my new fiesta zetec s in vision blue this afternoon and was just wondering how many of you take out the gap insurance they offer and whether it's a good product? Thanks Katie