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  1. 2008 1.4 tdci fiesta (old model) after my car had some work done to to do with glow plugs, my Amber glow plug light no longer comes on and in its place is a red light that stays on about the same length of time,car turns over mostly first time every time but Splutters a little on very cold mornings for about a minute after which it is fine.my question is why no Amber glow plug,which has been replaced by red. Paul. Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  2. Fiesta1.4Tdci

    Fiesta 1.4tdci.Occasionaly seems to hold back just for a second,this can happen two or three times and away it goes again.tried new glow plugs and relay,and had new timing belt kit.once it happens it maybe two to three months before it does it again.Paul.
  3. Auto Fold Mirrors

    when you say push the mirror forward is this past the normal open position.walesy3.
  4. Auto Fold Mirrors

    i have this problem on my 1.4 tdci ,my son knocked the mirror been clicking ever since.I wll try the solution given when possible and come back to tell my result.walesy3.
  5. Reversing Light

    installing reversing sensors, I want to connect the live from the sensor to the reversing light of the car. what colour wire is to the reversing light on the car.paul.thanks