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  1. i want remote central locking

    all the wiring looms are in my car, the only problem i have is finding a ford alarm system for sale to fit in it without going to a ford garage as there the ones who will charge an arm and a leg i thought
  2. i want remote central locking

    true i should have thought about it first butbeing desperate for a half decent car i didnt reall think about it. i've got someone who can fit it for me, i just would prefer the ford central locking rather then the universal one as i wanted it to look standard rather then looking like an extra added on. will keep looking for what i want cheers anyway
  3. i want remote central locking

    selling my car and buying another one is a rather silly idea. my ka has low mileage and is in very good condition and i would find it hard to find another one like it. the reason i want to fit a remote central locking system is because i have a 1 year old and trying to get in the car with her under my arm isnt very easy. also trying to find time and money to drill holes in my car is near on impossible. i just thought that someone would know where i could get hold of a ford remote central locking system without having to pay an arm and a leg. hopefully i will be able to find this out in the future :)
  4. i want remote central locking

    thank you but had a look and thats the universal one which i didnt really want to do as would have to cut holes in my car etc thanks anyway
  5. Hiya, I have got a y reg (2000) ka it has central locking but doent have a key fob for remote central locking. Is there a ford part i can get so i can easily install remote locking? All the universal ones look a bit poo and you have to drill loads of holes which i dont want to do. Many thanks becky