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  1. The Build So Far !!

    Hey gothic rebel, I'm from kiveton park! What about yourself? No mods to the back of the car except de barging the tailgate really, couldn't be bothered with new loom wiring for the new taillights! And yea' the facelift headlights are a straight swap :) the headlights where £100 get them off eBay or just scour warehouses in Doncaster! And the bu per was £150 originally, but the repairs were done in a family garage! And no, I won't be putting the fogs back in :)
  2. Stickerbombing !

    Hello again! Just thought id open up a topic/discussion about the recent fad of stickerbombing. Personally im a massive fan and cant wait to get started on my fez :) Just wondered if anyone has any tips on stickerbombing, has done it their own cars and could share pics. or anyones views on stickerbombing Heres an example of stickerbombing if you dont know what it is : (Not my car) Thanks again for reading ! :)
  3. The Build So Far !!

    Well i know its been a long time since my lost post in this thread but im back ! and with my same fezzy :D I crashed my new ST bumper :o ouch !! So i repaired it. smoothed it. Smoothed my tailgate. Put some new alloys on. And im about to stickerbomb the hell out of it :) heres a pic ! enjoy and comment !
  4. Fitting Mk7 Parts To Mk^ Fiestas !!!!!!!

    Ok thanks mate :) just wanted to make the MK6 look a bit different !
  5. Hello again, just wanted to see if anybody knew if you could fit MK7 (2009 onwards) Parts to a fiesta MK6 (2002-2008) ? Was mainly thinking bumpers and stuff. Thanks again !!
  6. Ouch, Hurt My Foot :'(

    Hey guys and thanks for the replies ! I did write an E-Mail to the council on how ridiculous this pot hole is and made it very clear i was upset and willing to do whatever to get a payout. However, i did this at my place of work, which is a motorway services. They told me that because i did this on a Service Road it was not their concern but the concern of the Highways Agency. Havnt replied since as i sort of came to the conclusion i wouldnt receive any sort of compensation from the Highways Agency :( Connor.
  7. Hello!!, just wondered if anyone can help me out ? My cars recomended Offset or "ET" is around 35-45. However i have been looking at some alloys that have an offset of 25. Will i be able to fit these wheels? or will i have to make adjustments, spacers etc ? Thanks a lot, Connor :)
  8. Ouch, Hurt My Foot :'(

    Thought the interesting title may have brought you all in! But this is nothing to be happy about, hit a HUGE pot hole the other day and it has wrecked my cars shoes! so now ive got to scrap my nice and shiny £200 alloys that were discontinued over a year ago, so i cant buy another one !!! very very sad, just thought id remind you all to be careful !! Thanks alot :) Connor ! P.S If anybody has an Inovit CTS 17" PCDX108 4 Stud alloy they dont want, give me a shout. Just thinking i dont have a very good chance of finding one haha !
  9. If you can, try and push your bonnet back down to make the catch push itself back in, they a slight push on your grill to get it back in place, and then lift the bonnet as normal ? the Grill itself will just unclip as Gazjs said, two clips at either side on the top and a few on the bottom of the grill ! Good luck !
  10. The Build So Far !!

    Yea haha it wasnt looking good with all the stickers on it =/ had a massive playboy sticker on the bonnet aswell before i took that off ! i think ive made it a wee bit better looking !
  11. Hey, i posted my New member introduction a while back and said i had a build lined up for my car :) So just thought id show a few pics and take you all through the build so far ! Not done a lot tbh, but im proud of it :D Would really love any suggestions that could help me improve it in anyway! - Thanks ! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, this is how my fiesta started, wrote off in a garage car park with stupid stickers all over it. i HAD to rescue it :) Horrendous stickers off, car moving again and back on the road with me behind the wheel :), tinted straight away. £90 with a lifetime guarantee. But look at those wheels :'( Wheels changed and going for everything now (Bumper, New headlights), bumpers off as you can see and very excited to see the outcome ! Very Happy Me :D Spoiler on aswell -> And one last photo just for effect !! Buying new plates so need to get them on, DMB overlays next along with a drop of 30mm and a hunt for a back bumper :) all good so far. Has cost me a couple hundred to get off the ground but i love my fiesta ! And NO i will not be putting any ST badges on my car, its a Finesse, and always will be !! Again- open to any suggestions :) and thanks a lot for looking!
  12. My Baby :)

  13. Thanks for all the welcomes haha :)! Glad to be here. Connor.
  14. Hey!, Just thought id introduce myself. Been browsing these forums for a while now and thought id register =] Driving a 1.25 Fiesta Finesse as my first car and love every minute of it :) Got a big build lined up for it and hopefully can share some pics! Thanks alot! .