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  1. Dual Mass Flywheel? Really Bad Vibration

    cant see a flywheel giving an issue turning right sounds like driveshaft or even a lumpy tyre !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What speed is it at and is it slightly reduced if you go into neutral ? Paul
  2. Aircon

    its now illegal to dump R314 to atmoshere !!!!!
  3. Oxygen Sensor

    hi Ok even if its cold wouldnt expect the revs to be that high,can you advise what the revs are at when you start from cold ? so I think it will be an issue with the throttle body holding revs up for some reason I will try and get you some more info but as I said you could do with getting the errors checked .Air mass issue would normally give you poor engine performance ,therefore if its runnig ok then I doubt it will be that either,Paul
  4. Hi Are there any AC experts out there I am a AC qualified but wondered if anyone has a Mk 1 Focus as I have noticed that the cooling kicks in from cold even if the AC is not on . We have had this car for years I noticed it ages ago but never really did anything about it as all was well I have just regassed my ACtoday after changing my servo which needed the pipes moving. I have low high pressure at around 5 bar, I have added 750 gms which the correct amount and even added another 100 which took it up slightly.I do not use the AC that much and I am now thinking a sensor or switch may be dicky especially as I do get the fan in from cold. No other symtoms everything is good let me know thanks Paul
  5. Hard Brake Pedal

    well well what a .... Job that was Servo on a focus never again thanks The exhaust manifold definately helped with room getting it out of the way as I was changing it anyway but the biggest mission was the AC pipes run in front of the servo and disconnecting them at the heater bulkhead was a joke with those sprung loaded unions .Got them off by sliding plastic cut down from a bung that fitted over the pipe but is thin enough to push the spring open inside the pipe. Had to battle servo out with the fuel and brake pipes in the way having taken the master cyl off out the way.After removing the inner wing shield to free the AC pipes as much as poss it was obvious that putting the new servo in was going to easier if we had the piston pushed in as if you were pressing the brake .So a small bracket was made to go across the servo to catch under the piston that goes in the master and by pressing the servo fully down the piston was locked by the bracket and therefore giving us 30mm more leway in the refit .Oh yeah forgot removed the engine mount to pull the engine fully forward to get a bit more room refitted easier and then bleed brakes and refitted .All good as the exhaust downpipe flexi was leaking and the brakes I couldnt trust. .Soall being well just need to regas the AC at work next week having degassed it last week and it does feel better hope it stays that way cheers Paul
  6. Oxygen Sensor

    Hi I would say that you need to be looking at the throttle control area .If your lamda was down you would get an engine light or at least an error in the memory.Would be worth getting the errors checked by a decent garage. Make sure the throttle linkage is free and maybe a bit of spray lube will help,also is there abit of free play in cable ? The engine revs maybe help up due to loads do you have AC? And how fast is it running ? Things to double check for would be air leaks ,check all the air pipes are not split and spray wd40 around the inlet manifold and pipes etc and see if the engine changes when you do ,is yours the later durotec engine or the old ohv one ? Just be careful spraying a hot engine !!!!!!!! Try that lot and see how you go Paul
  7. Oxygen Sensor

    hi you need a lamda socket with a cut out for the wiring and connector or if you are lucky just a spanner if you can get access to it. try doing it with a warm engine as it will be rusty on a 53 so lloads od WD 40 will help you ,no need to do anything else just whack it in ! Why are you changing it do you know its not working Paul
  8. 99 Focus Idle Problem..

    Ouch on no 1 cylinder Hopefully just clipped valves i have seen many well bent and got it back together with no further dramas If the bottom end looks ok and she will be finewith decent valves just check the valve guides carefully when you do though Maybe a drop of locktight on the bottom pulley bolts may be in order this time !!!!!!!!!!!!! well done and good luck in advance Paul
  9. Bloomin Dpf Regeneration

    Not certain on Ford 06 but there are other sensors that a decent technican needs to check are working but it sounds like you will chase it if you are doing short journeys .I was a service Manager for and Audi dealer in West London a few years ago when the 06 07 first came out and the salesman didnt know what they were selling.As the customer crawled through centralLondon it clogged them up. I got involved in helping customers basically reject the vehicle as it didnt suit their driving style and buy a pertol !!! A bit later Audi brought out the comman Rail and this regens on idle as long as exhaust temp is up to 350-400 degrees I think it was and this made a huge difference.Yes the early DPFs need around 2200 revs for a certain time but this gets longer the more soot builds up .Sorry to say bit the bullet and change the car or your journey the problem will not go away otherwise regards Paul
  10. 04 1.8 Tdci Turbo Problem

    the hardest bit will be corroded nuts and bolts try doing it with gloves on and a warm engine or buy a small gas torch to get rusty bolts red hot first ,just be careful to not set fire to anything .ALWAYS REPLACE THE FEED PIPE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Overheating Problem

    hope you paid by credit card then any subsequent issues they should have fixed would be covered by consumer credit !
  12. Squeeking ball joints are dangerous if they are dried out its time to replace them or they can let go and you dont want to go there .If you jack up see if have play by trying get movement pushing and pulling on top and bottom of the wheel.If not remove wheels disconnect the steering track rod end move the joint by hand and see if it stiff and noisey,if not now turn the hub left to right and see if the lower ball joint is the issue ,do this both sides and you should find it .Its one of those jobs a bit of time stripping out will save you replacing stuff willy nilly .Before you do this bounce on the wing and try and discifer what side is the culprit
  13. Tdci Fuel Consumption

    If you really want to be a MPG geek the latest thing is to coast in neutral if you can see you are coming to stop or a junction.Be aware this relies on the brakes instaed of engine braking and will increase pad wear although the price of fuel now its worth it.Chuck out any unnecessary crap in the boot too ! I have to say 43MPG isnt that good I have a 1.6 petrol and 20-22 miles each way to work motorway on way home and I get 39-41Mpg !!!!!! Do you keep it serviced ?
  14. 99 Focus Idle Problem..

    she sounds like the valves arent happy .What are the compressions ?
  15. Fiesta Mk 7 MPG

    weve got Fessy Zetec S 1.6tdi and the Mrs gets low 50s around town the best we had was on a run at 60-65mph and we got 60mpg .