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  1. OK thanks for the info and We might wait now and find one through the ford online we have seen a nice one but its a little bit too much on price here locally and 2005 model this is our problem in Cornwall the cars here are over priced for the age and mileage BUT if its a local car you can trust the history a bit better, and also we have just not the volume or choice to buy local. If we get stuck I will give you a ring so many thanks for the help.
  2. LEE thanks for the fusion online link thats a nice car shown but how do we here in West cornwall get to see these cars? as just here in cornwall its exhausting going around all day looking at cars! what happenes if you want to purchase? Also I tried the 1.4 petrol today and you are correct the 1.6 would be better for carriageway driving a bit more power is needed.
  3. Skyman thanks for info I have one in mind it is 1.4 petrol zetec 2007 reg and I will check it out this week hopefully I am no mechanic but can do basic stuff with petrol but Deisel is baffling to me so will steer clear of them! but yes road tax and MPG is better. I noticed that many Welsh dealers have Fusions so it seems maybe as Cornwall the Welsh roads suit the Fusion must give a try out on the dual carriageway to see how they handle someone said they are nasty in crosswinds...well here in Cornwall wintertime ALL cars have crosswind problems! whats new? I will let you know how my search goes, alas the one I am viewing has no DVD! Guess my Daughter will just stick to her PSP! lol
  4. Hi all, I am new here, been reading here and its very helpful for advice and tips. My wife and I by accident tried a 2007 1.4 zetec petrol fusion and it was an eye opener and we liked it alot,we live in cornwall and this car is as happy as can be on our twisty country b roads but as yet have not tried one at speed on the by pass and we are wondering what its like for handling at speed and overtaking etc (my wife is very impatient and likes to get on the right hand lane!) but if anyone can give any tips on what to look for when buying I would be grateful. Just to put this car into perspective we have always had peugeot and we do not spend too much on cars we have a 306 1.6 petrol vivant 1998 reg which is a great car but now we will spend a bit more than usual we tried a Peugeot 207SW 2007 1.4...it was gutless and very cheap inside and not a world away from our 306! then we by chance tried a Renault Modus 1.4 2005 I contacted the owner as I got his name from the log book at the dealers and he told me it was a good car but the boot space would be annoying for us and Renault in my opinion are, or seem to be expensive to maintain but the fusion was fantastic 1.4 pulls up our hills here no problem the turning circle is amazing! and reverse is easy as the height is a great view out the back. I do not know why fusions have a bad review all over the place and prices of 2nd hand seem to be good. also for kids the back seats of the Fusion are a bit hard and "upright" has anyone noticed this? as my Daughter complained about it, she is 12, But the front seats are a bit softer. anyway enough from me. cheers Phil