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  1. Can anyone please point me in the direction of a tail pipe finisher for a 57 plate zetec (so one exhaust pipe which faces down). Im sure i saw details or a link on here before but cant find it now, and can only find details for a different rear bumper. Thanks
  2. DaveyG

    Mk4 Eyebrows

    I'm guessing the lights you are now describing are the ones i was mentioning in my original post?
  3. DaveyG

    Mk4 Eyebrows

    Does anyone know where ican get some headlight brows from? Also, what are peoples views on these lights? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/R8-S5-Style-LED-light-Ford-Mondeo-inc-ST24-ST200-ST220_W0QQitemZ360320672010QQihZ023QQcategoryZ28644QQcmdZViewItem thanks
  4. DaveyG

    Mk4 Eyebrows

    But whats your view on putting the LED strips inside a mk4 headlamp?
  5. Hi, I've got a 57 plate 1.8TDCI Zetec. Since it started getting cold my windows CONSTANTLY steam up - so im forever putting on the front window heater (which is annoying) but bearing in mind what a nightmare the car is to reverse - especially with tinted rear windows - the steaming makes reversing almost a blind exercise. Am i missing something?
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    Hesitation When Pulling Off.

    yes - seems if you arent in the correct gear at the specifc correct refs you are screwed.
  7. Hello, my 57 plate zetec has the green and red phone icons on the radio that appear to be for hands free, but do not have such capability. Is it possible to get a hands free kit added, and if so does anyone have a rough idea on cost? thanks
  8. could it also be a leak in the widnscreen seal? if so would it be an obvious leak? And is this any good: http://www.rainx.co.uk/products1.html
  9. Thanks. I never had this problem last year: but since i cleaned the interior of the windscreen ive had issues. I can not get the damn thing as it was when i bought it, tried autto glym and all sorts. Could this be an issue as am sure your suggestion isnt the case.
  10. DaveyG

    Cleaning Windscreen

    cheers - will check it out
  11. This may sound stupid but i cleaned the inside of my 57 plate mondeo's heated windscreen a while a go for the first time since i bought nit in december. I used window cleaner and a window cleaning cloth (which i used to use in my previous car). But no matter what i try and can not get rid of the smudging (which is really annoying in certain light angles) - any ideas? thanks
  12. Hello. The rear drive lights on the wife's 03 Ford Ka werent working the other day - all other lights were. I checked the bulbs which were fine and looked for a loose connection but all seemed good. As i came back from the house with the manual they were working again. This has happened once before with just one of them. Does anyone have any idea what it might be? thanks
  13. cheers guys - tried the earhn thing before but was unable to unscrew it from the chasis. Its in the garage now
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    Hi all. Had a Fiesta Black, now got a 57 plate Mondeo. Mrs has a Ka. Glad to have found the site