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  1. 04 Fusion3 horn in boot?

    Yes I think its the alarm siren, so that theives cannot simply cut or disconnect the horn to effectivly disable the alarm.
  2. piston for duratek 1.6 streetka

    Have you had the cylinder head off to have a look? I'm suprised that Fords cannot supply a seperate piston, you may have been unlucky and had a bad partsman serve you, try another main dealer. Havn't had new spark plugs fitted recently have you? Some spark plugs are slightly too long and raise the compression and damage pistons or even contact the piston.
  3. Steering Leak

    They usally leak around the pipe union that comes out of the power steering pump. Need to get under the car really and have a look for wet patches...
  4. strange noise from focus

    Can't see it being related to the suspension arm bush problem but... I would'nt worry too much about the PAS (power assisted steering) fluid level fluctuating a little bit, but if the level drops very low (below min), then I would check for leaks. Check the high pressure pipe that comes out of the PAS pump for signs of damp.
  5. strange noise from focus

    If the PAS fluid dropped low enough and air got in the system, you could get vibrations when turning lock to lock? He says vibrations through the steering wheel, doesn't say if this is on drive or not?
  6. You say you get the fault when you are pulling away? But that the fault does not occur with the clutch disengaged? How can you pull away with the clutch pedal depressed??? If the fault is only happening once everytime you start the car and not appearing again until you turn the engine off and restart it? Starter motor sticking out in the flywheel ringear?
  7. Fusion locks but wont unlock

    Hmm, I understand the problem now but I'm not experienced enough to know what's causing this mate. Does the GEM module control the central locking? I'd suspect a fault with that as neither door lock is activiating the global lock. It is worth checking all of the fuses but if the car is unlocking correctly I can't see it being a blown fuse. Maybe disconnect the battery overnight to clear any memory in the GEM module?
  8. 4th Gear Judder 1.8 TDCI sport HELP!!!! Power loss

    I would also suspect the EGR valve as this is a common fault, I assume the car has ran out of warranty? Are you sure it's definatly an engine problem? Not the clutch slipping is it? I suppose you could try and recreate the fault, don't drop it down a gear when it starts to hesitate, just try to drive through it, this may bring the MIL on and give you a DTC (diagnostic trouble code) to follow with a diagnostic computer.
  9. help girl getting very angry

    Take it back to the garage that fitted the cylinder head and say it hasn't run right since they fitted it.
  10. Fusion locks but wont unlock

    Have you checked ALL of the fuses on the vehicle? Does the boot unlock button on the remote keyfob work? (make sure to push it twice) Which wires are you earthing? And do you mean the remote keyfob then locks and unlocks?
  11. strange noise from focus

    So did they actually replace anything or do any work at all? The balljoints at the end of the front lower suspension arms cannot be replaced seperatly (well not to my knowledge), you have to replace the entire suspension arm. Vibrations through the steering and a whining noise? I'd check your power steering fluid level.
  12. Indicators not clickin off

    Probably a fault in the clockspring (airbag sliding contact), which controls the selfcancelling in the indicators. Whatever it is it will be covered by warranty. What's wrong with the reverse gear?