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  1. Happy Birthday Fast Fiesta!

  2. Fiesta Mk6 Seats Fit Into Mk7?

  3. Fiesta Mk6 Seats Fit Into Mk7?

    I currently have a 2008-2013 5 door fiesta, i have cloth seats... please can someone shed any light on putting mk6 5 door seats into the newer mk7. (I intend to upgrade to leather) A couple of questions: *Is this possible? IF SO; *are there any diffculties? *Has it been done before? *do i need anything or than seats and frames bolts etc... e.g electronics/ecu? *any hints/tips? any help would greatly be appreciated thankyou tom :)
  4. Mk7 Fiesta Repair Prices?

    I personally have repaired my fiesta, this involved repairing all the parts you have mentioned- including the roof. Search for my "fiesta mk7 restored" Straight to figures: If the airbags have deployed thats nearly a thousand itself for dashboard/ airbags and ecu and seatbelts Roof- is the worst panel to damage, the entire skin must be removed which is very ardous and time consuming, the interior lining and glass must be removed also for this This is well over a thousand also. On top spraying is making this around £1300 at best The wings are a pain to remove- this also needs a specialist to remove the triangular glass above the wings to allow full access to bolts to remove the wings- The bonnet and bumper and lights are easy enough- however the parts alone are expensive and labour for this is not cheap as it is hours of work to remove and replace the front end. Parts plus spraying here is around another thousand- Chances are it will need the chassis legs straightening on a jig this is a specialist job and is not cheap. Unfortunatley with these kind of jobs not only parts and the spraying add to the hefty bill its the bits that are not expected like: glass removal, ecu resetting, and removal of other parts to access otherwise inaccessible areas of the car that will hike an already incredible bill to near eye watering costs. If i can give any more information i would be happy to do so Tom Tom.156@hotmail.co.uk
  5. Opinions On Oil

    Oil I would really appreciate the opinions and personal experiences with oil: I personally have used the 5W-30 magnatec, then this oil change I decided to try the 5W-30 Edge. (Obviously keeping it the same grade) Now I have read around and heard very promising things about Edge- some saying it is a true 'fully synthetic' and that is performs much better than magnatec, including much higher quality properties, And as expected a higher price tag. However smoothness, quietness and performance should all be improved. So being the same grade I decided to try it- now I understand this is not what ford recommends- and I know they know better than I, but we all want the best for our cars, we are all enthusiasts are we not? so I saw no harm in trying a 'better quality oil' now part of me admittedly feels foolish for not sticking to ford recommendation, but another part of me feels that is just a marketing ploy, so using a higher quality of oil (exceeding recommendation) it is the same grade so it seems like no harm. So to my personal experience, having changed the magnatec for the edge there was an immediate and noticeable quietness of the engine from the exterior and even more so from the interior especially on idle. Taking it out for a drive I noticed on idle engine vibration had drastically been reduced this was the biggest noticeable difference, In terms of performance- it’s too hard to tell whether the the oil is bringing any performance due to new: sparks/ oil filter/ air filter. Overall I am very pleased with the smoothness and refinement I am experiencing from this oil. Any light shed upon other oil brands, what do you use or prefer? What’s the best? Or thoughts toward my decision of Castrol edge would be greatly appreciated, do you agree with my logic or do you think I have made a poor judgement call? Please let me know your thoughts, thankyou Tom
  6. Im looking into lowering my car, i notice you have had 50mm lowering springs and now coilovers, i would really appreciate if you could explain you opinion and positives and negatives of both.

    im thinking of buying the 50mm lowering springs... did you have any problems with the shocks or mechanichal problems??

    Did you buy the coilovers just for the adjustablity or are the lowering spri...

  7. Is it better to get it protected early- just in case.... OR Do you wait as long as possible in attempt to last the entire cold winter??
  8. Please Help!! Regarding Lowering

    Thankyou for your help through this, i thought the same also regarding ford (they wouldnt supply them if they were going to knacker the car). do you have standard shocks?? also do you notice any uneven wear? (on the inside of the tyre) multiple garages have knocked back work,-been phoning every garage i know, im fuming.
  9. Please Help!! Regarding Lowering

    Quck update since last post, i have contacted several local garages near me, all say they wont fit the lowering springs due to camber problems, this is frustrating and putting me off lowering, my car needs lowering badly, but all the garages cant be wrong? It must knacker the car up bad if they dont want to be held responsible?
  10. Please Help!! Regarding Lowering

    Ok so i have just rang a local garage, im seriously considering the H&R 35mm :) The garage said they wont fit them; they said fitting lowering springs ruins the setup of the car, and camber is heavily affected so much so they dont want anything to do with it. i agree camber will be affected, but i was thinking with the H&R kit designed to fit the fiesta will it be ok? and should i just go ahead and get it done somewhere else? thankyou.
  11. Help!

    Yes your right!! thats what i thought- maybe a plastic weld, then smooth, then paint, however this is a very expensive option. i was wondering if anyone had decent pics of thier grommets and or better options (cost effective) to making it look a decent job of dewipering. :)
  12. Please Help!! Regarding Lowering

    Thankyou very much, i appreciate your quick reply, if what you say is right then i am looking forward to putting on a similar kit to you as your car looks fantastic!!, im considering the H&R 35mm- just want that bit extra :) Thanks for clearing up the problem!! p.s does anyone know if the 50mm lowering springs will damage the components at all or quicker, ive considered 50mm but cannot find matching shocks and was not sure if the existing shocks would be up for the challenge alone?
  13. Mk7 Induction Kits

    the J1 is not hard to fit, simply remove existing and replace with the new, it seems to have been designed to be user friendly as possible. the alternative pipercross uses the existing mounts, and also incorparates a cold air feed, no need for the extra pipes and additional cold air feeds previously mentioned. I dont want to seem arguementative or bias, just like to mix things up a bit :) i love a bit of automotive banter.
  14. Mk7 Induction Kits

    for my 2p's worth; i quite like the pipercross; similarly to the J1 this also has been custom made for the fiesta mk7, the J1 is a beautiful application, and works well. however its very obvious and 'in your face' some people love that and i dont doubt the j1 for a minute in terms of performance. Personally i like the stealthy pipercross, this looks from the engine bay identical, as you keep the cover, however from the air filter cover downwards the system is replaced to give that strong induction roar, that you are undoubtly looking for, the bhp gains are proven as its a similar set up to the mountune kit,plus there is no chance of heat soak (as it uses the standard set up)- no exposed air filter e.g K&N cone. plus its half the price of the J1 for very similar performance gains, however in all honesty hp gains can only be noticed and appreciated to thier full extent when replacing parts with performance exhausts, manifolds and remapping. however users have claimed good mpg from both kits and deep induction roars. two main options to tailor personal preference.
  15. Help!

    Hiya Buddy!! ive done it, my only problem is the grommet afterward, mine doesnt fit as i would like, perhaps i havent found the perfect one, but i must be honest the hole you are left with is an odd shape to say the least, any help on that for me would be appreciated :) However back on with helping you; * open up your boot,- the plastic underneath the window which holds your parcel shelf up (on the inside of the car) is removable. * Remove screws and remove parcel shelf from thier anchor points, * Remove plastic- be gentle and work it away slowly from an edge which seems like it may come away easier, they are clips (which will pop and bang)-dont worry. * the motor will be exposed, -close your boot, the wiper has a cover at the base, flip up the cover and loosen nut. * open the boot, and begin to remove nuts holding the motor- 3 nuts to remove. * remove the motor and the wiper, the wiper may need some persuaion :) (you will find a wire attached to the motor this will simply unclip- tuck this away and if required cable tie or anchor in preffered method),-the motor and wiper will come apart as two seperate items. * you will be left with a large hole, i have used two grommets (one inner and one visible to the eye- and i hope another fiesta owner would like to advise a better method to make this a better job), however i used a kit from halfrauds which contained an assortment of grommets, be careful when applying the grommets as they are easily pushed through. *replace plastic cover, replace screws, replace parcel shelf strings back to thier anchor points. Hope i was of some help :)