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  1. Ford Customer Service

    Th service team tried to do that with the 2 black stoppers but that didnt work. When I took it in to the body shop they said that the bonnet had been put on incorrectly, probably by a robot, and that some bar underneath the bonnet and bumper had to be re alligned. It was in for a day to get done but thankfully its now fixed.
  2. Ford Customer Service

    I have sent Ford a right stinky letter of complaint as my brand new Titanium had a problem with the bonnet - It wasnt sitting flush, was slightly raised on one side. I will let you know if I get any kind of positive response but I doubt it very much!
  3. Had my 60 plate 1.6 Titanium since september and Its had to go in as the bonnet was not sitting flush. Also the seal on the drivers door was not stuck on properly. Both fixed now and Ive sent a right stinky letter to Ford, Im not going to hold my breath for any kind of compo though!!
  4. Help With A Complaint On New Car

    Thanks for your help and advice guys. I did check the car over when I got it but to be honest it was a quick check on the wheels and the paint work etc, i just took it as a given that the bonnet would be on properly, how wrong I was! When I first contacted the dealer it took a further four phone calls to the same guy until he got the service team to call me so that was pretty poor. I just got the feeling that he had my money so he wasnt that bothered. I have calmed down quite a bit since finding the problem but I still think I will be writing a letter of complaint so I will keep you updated. Hopefully some kind of freebie will help to calm me down after such a stressfull ordeal haha! Thanks once again for the advice and I will get some pics up of the new motor soon as to bore you with. Cheers Andy.
  5. Help With A Complaint On New Car

    Hello guys and gals, ive been a long time viewer of the forum but now that I have just bought a brand spanking new Ford Fiesta Titamium 1.6 in sea grey I thought its time i joined. I love my new car to bits but the shine has been taken from it slightly as the car had a problem. The bonnet was not quite sitting flush on the car when you looked at it from the front. One side was more raised than the other and when you went to the side of the car you could see it was slightly sticking out on one side. I rang the dealers I got the car from, Ford Prescot and they said to bring it in to the service team to have a look. I took it in and the guy had a bit of a mess around with the spacers which are on the underside of the bonnet but no matter how much he messed with them it wasnt doing any good. I was then told by the guy that sold me the car that I had to go to the body shop in Ford Peoples Bootle, as Prescot didnt have one, and they would do the work there and then while I waited. So I go to the body shop the next day at 9 am and they tell me that it will have to be in for the day as its a big job. They would have to take the bonnet off and the bumper and re align some bar. The guy I spoke to reckoned that it would have been put together by a robot and it has somehow got through Quality control and god knows how many more checks. Arent the dealers meant to check the car before they hand it over to me?!! So i leave the car with them for a day and go home fuming and I call up Prescot and talk to the guy who sold me the car. I am understandibly angry and tell him that it is not what you expect when you pick up a brand new car. All he is bothered about is that I am going to give him good feedback on the form im due to receive from Ford marking him. He basically says what more could he have done but that doesnt make me feel any better. He tells me he will get his manager to call me but I havent heard from him. Any way I got the car back today and all is well and I now have a new car that is perfect but where do I stand now? Whats the best way to complain and do you think I will get anywhere? Apologies for rambling on but any help or advice would be much appreciated. Andy.