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  1. Happy Birthday fishpond 47!

  2. fishpond 47

    Air Con

    I've found out that it is the air con resister costing about £15 / £20 but I'm away on holiday at the mo (and missing the air con in this heat lol) and dont have my manual with me, can anybody tell me excactly where the resister is located so I can fix it.
  3. fishpond 47

    Air Con

    it's a mk3 mondy, the air con works fine(well used to),nice and cold, but now it only works on No1 on the switch/fan setting, turn it onto No2 3 or 4 and it goes off put it back onto No1 and it'll come back on. Any ideas?
  4. fishpond 47

    Removing Rear Brake Caliper

    The proper 7mm allen key (caliper tool) cost's under a fiver from halfords, have you tried a pair of mole grip's on it now?
  5. fishpond 47

    Mondeo Electric Window Issues

    I know this might sound daft but I had a problem like this on another ford (probe) and it turned out to be the drivers (main switch in your case) faulty, changed the switch and the problem was sorted, maybe the switch has been changed from a differant year or something, might be worth calling into an auto electricians before starting to fork out money on buying new switches you may not need.
  6. fishpond 47

    Focusclicking In Reverse

    Are you sure the clicking is coming from the engine/gearbox area and not from one off the wheels? (cv joint)
  7. fishpond 47

    Alternator Whistle

    simple, the heated screen takes a lot of amps out of the battery to work so fast, which in turn puts a lot of load onto the alternator, put the heated rear on at the same time and the whinning goes even deeper sounding, it's nothing to worry about it's doing it's job
  8. fishpond 47

    Adjust Handbake On 52 Plate Mondeo

    Try see'ing if you can get any more adjustment out of the adjuster as it has a long thread on it, if not then yes I would recommend new cables, they are easy to do just fiddly where they bend round the rear suspension arms, back the adjust right off aswell before fitting the new cables then adjust back up afterwards.
  9. fishpond 47

    Adjust Handbake On 52 Plate Mondeo

    I've got two mondies, one with self adjusting (y reg) and the other has an adjuster (52 plate). THE ADJUSTER IS WHERE THE TWO REAR CABLES CONNECT TO THE ONE FRONT SINGLE CABLE. You have to drop the exhaust of it's rubbers so it hangs down then unscrew the heat shield above the center box and the adjuster is there (what I would do is to unscrew the heat shield by the center box first before dropping the exhaust, get a tourch and see if you can see the adjuster,if you carnt see the adjuster then dont bother going any further) as said if you carnt see the adjuster then it will be the self adjuster type, then you will require two new handbrake cables, this will solve your problem.
  10. fishpond 47

    Focus 1.6 Power Steering Leak

    common fault, it's were the connector goes into the pump, you have to change the full pipe back to the rack and getting the connector back into the pump whilst the pump is on the car is one hell of a barsteward making sure you dont crossthread it.
  11. fishpond 47

    Mk3 Mondeo Clocks Removel

    here you go read this post,
  12. fishpond 47

    Bubbling In Radiator Reservoir When Accelerating

    try a new preasure cap, if that dont solve the problem get a compression test done asap as it sounds like your head gasket is on it's way out.
  13. As the title say's, when using the remote you can hear all the doors lock (except the drivers door)then unlock because the drivers door is'nt locking, what will be causing the drivers remote lock not to be working? , it locks/unlocks ok with the key, and when you use the key you can hear all the other locks working. Mike
  14. fishpond 47

    Adjusting The Steering Wheel

    How far out off line is it?, if it's only a little bit out off line get your tracking checked and they will do it for you.
  15. fishpond 47

    Ford Ka Intermittently Sluggish?

    These very often get overlooked and some may have even been on from new