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  1. Just a bit of advice for what its worth.......If you are unfortunate enough, like me to have had various ongoing faults with your new fiesta (mine is a 59 TIT) bought from new, do not, like me, make the mistake of complaining directly to Ford Customer Services...they have gone to great lengths in quite a few long and tiring phone conversations to make it clear that Ford Motor Company accept NO RESPONSIBILITY WHATSOEVER for the poor quality of manufacture/componants of the vehicle which I purchased, be warned that contacting them is a pointless and tiresome excercise. I have been told that the correct route of complaint is direct to the Dealer as ALL RESPONBSIBILITY lies with them.....so to summarise if you are concerned with any issues....dont wait....complain long and hard at the Dealership !!!
  2. Ford Fiesta Audio Upgrade.

    Bugger.....pressed "post" button half way through message by mistake...above should read Please explain how soundproofing the doors will stop the door pockets vibrating, have you done this and more importantly ...does work?
  3. Ford Fiesta Audio Upgrade.

    Please explain how soundproofing the doors will stop the door pockets vibrating
  4. Ford Fiesta Audio Upgrade.

    wouldnt waste my time upgrading.....the vibration from the door pockets will be so loud you wont be able to hear any difference !!!!
  5. Like those seat backs.... shame the link is in German Seriously....how much more on the price would it have cost for Fords to have given this simple finishing touch?
  6. New Irritation

    Interesting remark regarding the climate control temperature sensor: it certainly sounds like a fan whirring away......car is just out of the first year of warranty, I wonder if this would still be covered? The Fiesta certainly looks the part...but...build quality/componant quality is sadly lacking
  7. New Irritation

    Well I have yet another irritation with my TIT !!..........There is a continuous audible mechanical/electrical whiring coming from behind the radio area of the dashboard which keeps going even after the ignition is off...any ideas ???....only started last week...its almost as irritational as the rattling A frame piller cappings. Its strange...I really like my car ...but...I 'KIN HATE IT AS WELL !!!!!
  8. Passenger Rattle

    Well I have this rattle also..Ford could not find it...but on my TIT it is from vibration of the interior plastic capping around the small triangular window forward of the wing mirror. Ford have now fixed it but I think the repair has interfered with the same capping piece on the passenger side as this is now very lose and rattles worse than the original fault....at least it drowns out the vibration from the door pockets when the radio is on....lol Its a shame, the Fiesta is a great little car let down badly by some very cheap sh'ite finishing touches.
  9. Ford Customer Service

    I am writing my "stinky letter tonight"....pointless excersise.....but its got to be done !!!!! Well I wrote the above three months ago and have only just got around to do it...I still realise that its a pointless excersise but Fords should know what some of their Customers experiences are.......However,it is now done .....What is the best Person/address to send to ?
  10. Sorry to hear about that nightmarish service, hope there is no longer term engine damage...but....one litre bottle of Havoline engine oil & a free Ford 'winter care' pack.....what an absoulute p1ss take
  11. Another Buckled Alloy

    Chase Cross Road in Collier Row ! My first buckled front wheel (also ruined the tyre)made the car feel as though the front wheels were out of balance......however the second buckle caused by the "massive" pot hole (when I hit it...sounded as though an artillery shell had gone off !!!!) has no obvious damage to the tyre, although the wheel is knackered the car drives perfectly.....weird!
  12. Another Buckled Alloy

    Further to my new buckled wheel......I checked out the pot hole that caused it in the light of day...and its massive : I phoned the Highways Dept at Havering Council to report it and complain about the 150 quidsworth of damage caused and the Woman there asked if I wanted a claim form sent to me !.....Looks like you can claim against them ?? Interesting !!
  13. I have just suffered a third buckled alloy wheel on my 59 plate Tit....becoming a bit tiresome now. Has anyone ever used an alloy wheel refurb company to deal with this problem ....is it something that can be repaired safely?
  14. I dont think the speaker is your problem....I had grotesque vibration from the passenger side from day one...I traced the problem on my car to the door pocket resonating against the main door moulding and 98% sorted it..I've posted about this before, this is from a previous answer.... "Not a very technical fix but it worked for me: if you run your hand along the door pocket towards the back of the car you will come to the point where the door pocket meets the main door moulding, I found that the door pocket vibrates against the main moulding here: I cut a felt pad (the type that you stick on the bottom of chair legs to protect a laminate floor)down to size and rammed it between the door pocket and moulding which stopped the vibration. Cant believe that so few have mentioned this irritational fault on here. This lack of attention to design IMO is very poor especially when so much thought has obviously gone into other areas" Hope this helps in some small way