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  1. Fiesta Mk7 Interior Ambient Lights

    Hahha. You can't. The tax structure is such. And you can google "Singapore vehicle COE" It's a cert you have to pay to own a car. Only for 10 years. After that, you have to scrap the car. It's about £20k now for 1.4litre car. On top of that there's the tax that government imposes. Usually 200% of the OMV
  2. Fiesta Mk7 Interior Ambient Lights

    Thanks so much for the offer but I'm in Singapore!! Where my ford fiesta 3 door 1.4litre cost SGD90k Which is about £45k. Amazing eh??
  3. Fiesta Mk7 Interior Ambient Lights

    Yeah guys, It'll be a hassle to get the IDS and upload just to get the wires live. I'll just go without the orange LEDs unless I hook up those ambient lights to the light switch. I can do without the need the turn it on or off since I won't be doing much long distance driving to remove the distraction. Bests,
  4. Fiesta Mk7 Interior Ambient Lights

    Mate, Really looking for interior bits and maybe some minior performance tweaks like air filters and maybe solenoid and leads for spark plugs.
  5. Fiesta Mk7 Interior Ambient Lights

    Guys, any websites or sellers on eBay to recommend for purchasing Ford parts? on the sidetrack, how is everyone's new year? Bests,
  6. Fiesta Mk7 Interior Ambient Lights

    And wouldnt it be quite a long wire from the interior dome lights to the light switch? Damnnn
  7. Fiesta Mk7 Interior Ambient Lights

    Hey Thornewell, its not just the strip at the glovebox but theres another switch which is at the bottom of the centre console, just in front of the gear knob. its much shorter strip. I was thinking of wiring it up to the courtesy light so every time you unlock the car, the ambient light comes on. but for the 2 tiny LEDS, that'll go to the light switch. Only worry is every time i turn on the courtesy light in the car for occasions like searching or reading, it'll just turn on the orange stripes as well. haha. oh, just as well i guess. Thanks!
  8. Fiesta Mk7 Interior Ambient Lights

    Guys, so if I was to buy the interior dome light from European parts which has 2 tiny orange ambient lights, one general light and 1 map reading light for each seat. Will it be a plug and play?
  9. Fiesta Mk7 Interior Ambient Lights

    Ford really didn't make it easy to let you do any retrofitting huh. All about costs. When will they ever take the fiesta seriously??
  10. Fiesta Mk7 Interior Ambient Lights

    Bugger, I can't log in because I'm from the Singapore market? And also because i don't have any login details. DAMN. Would really like to buy a few things like the interior ambient lights. And maybe even some trimming like the arm rest for instance or the silver plastics that surround the speedo. FORD Singapore is horrible in a sense that they would not allow me to bring in a 1.6 fiesta claiming it would, and i quote "damage the focus market" nitwits. ANy recommendations other than european-parts to get FORD accessories? Bests,
  11. Fiesta Mk7 Interior Ambient Lights

    Hey Lez, can you give us the website from which you got this image from?
  12. Fiesta Mk7 Interior Ambient Lights

    Was also wondering if i just bought the overhead light with the 3 lights: centre light and 2 reading lights, would there actually be any wiring for that as well? Ford in SIngapore has a terrible dealer. Atrocious more like it. Bests,
  13. Hey all, Happy new year! Hope everyone had a smash of a party on new years day. Anyway, does anyone know if we can retrofit the interior ambient lights on our own? Theres a lot there just above the opening mouth of the glove compartment and the compartment at the bottom of the centre console. Unfortunately Ford Singapore does not have these options so i was thinking of getting in online and retrofitting it myself but not too sure if there's any wiring there. Any one has a reliable website to get ford accessories from other than european-parts.net? Much appreciated. Bests,
  14. Exterior Chrome Bits

    Hey mate, could you buy these from your local ford dealer? Would it be cheaper compared to getting it online? Could you help with the purchase and I could transfer money to you as I still have a uk account that is active and has funds. Could I trouble you?
  15. Exterior Chrome Bits

    Hey iron, I wanted to ask you about your interior lighting. Does it come with thr lighting in the footwells? I am trying to buy these online so I need to know all thr interior lighting bits to consolidate in a single purchase. Also, is there no way to buy the chrome lining at the windows sills?? Gosh my car really lacks on exterior luster! Even the chrome sill at the front grille. I checked out the European parts website and it's still rather expensive.