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  1. Damaged Side Repeater Lens

    I replaced mine about a month ago, it was so much easier to do than I thought once you get the cover off, took less than 5 minutes in all, Plus I only paid 6 quid including Postage for my lens off Ebay, brand new and in the box, plenty of people are selling genuine parts cheaper on there If the crack is not letting in water and it seems too much hassle then don't bother but mine was and it was slowly wearing away the mirror coating behind the lens to a black finish
  2. 16 Inch Wheels On The Fiesta Titanium Mk7

    The latest update I have is that I made a formal complaint to Ford, They asked me to take the alloys into my local dealer for inspection (they are no longer on the car), at this point it seems that they were taking the matter seriously. I got a letter back following a telephone call on Wednesday advising that as my Fiesta Titanium is now 18 months old, they will not be compensating me for my loss. They confirmed in writing that the alloys are only covered under warranty for 12 months and I should refer my complaint to the non Ford dealer I bought the car from (Thus washing their hands of the issue). I was under the impression Alloys had no warranty period but I have it in writing that they do. When I questioned the adviser in the call about people who had their alloys replaced for free she said this would have been a goodwill gesture by the dealer. Therefore I'm going to take this further as clearly the alloys are not fit for purpose and Ford are trying to deny responsibility for this (Any advice going forward would be appreciated) but I thought it's worth letting everyone know who has had to shell out for the Alloys that if you had them replaced within 12 months that you have some stance to get a refund or have them replaced free, although I expect the next comeback they will have is because of wear and tear but its worth a shot.
  3. 16 Inch Wheels On The Fiesta Titanium Mk7

    Mine were Continentals 195/45/R16 on a 16" 15 Spoke MK7 Alloy
  4. 16 Inch Wheels On The Fiesta Titanium Mk7

    I changed mine to a 15" Ford Mk 7 wheels but I also checked this out with my insurance company and they were only concerned if the cost of the alloy exceeded £1000 but that is my insurance company only so I would agree you need to check with your own. The overall wheel diameter is more or less the same but my main concern was that changing wheel size would affect the Speedometer considerably (as I've heard about Ford trying to demand reprogramming costs for wheel change size) but there is a website you can check to calculate what difference it makes and basically it was 1% so when it says I'm doing 60mph i'm actually doing something like 59.4mph.
  5. 16 Inch Wheels On The Fiesta Titanium Mk7

    If everyone with this issue can contact Farin as above we may just get somewhere
  6. 16 Inch Wheels On The Fiesta Titanium Mk7

    Make that 16, I've kept an eye on this thread for the last 2 weeks. My front 2 were buckled when I had the car 9 months old, they are the 16" Titanium 15 spoke....so I had them balanced and put on the back but the vibration was still bad to the point I thought I had buckled the ones now on the front (however these were checked at my Tyre fitter as fine). It got to the point I was considering changing the car. However thanks to the posts here I almost bought the Halfords alloys talked about but ended up getting 4 almost new fiesta mk7 15", 8 spoke alloys with 195/50/15 tyres off Fleabay for a bargain price. Had my tyre fitter check them all and they were fine, I think they look nicer on the Titanium than the others and the handling is so much improved and the vibration has gone!! If anyone wants to make me an offer on the 2 good 16" wheels I have please let me know as it will save me going on eBay. I have used the least buckled one as a spare in the boot recess and havent decided what to do with the other Which has 2 buckles Has anyone contacted Watchdog? I'm sure they would pick this one up if we all did it in one go