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  1. Many thanks for taking the time to go through it for me. I really appreciate it. It all went ok (I think) and as you described. Just one bolt on each side though and a pin holding in one end of the caliper (which I didn't need to take out to get the caliper off). The only slight concern I had was that I found the rubber had a small split that was covering the hex bolt. Hopefully that won't become a problem long term. Mangled one of the wheel alignement studs a little bit as well. Surprised the discs were warping as they didn't look that worn. Seems to me there is only about 3mm of wear before they are supposed to be replaced (according to the min thickness of 9.2mm stamped on the new discs). Probably going to have to be replaces every time the pads are done :( Cheers, for the offer of help also. Very kind. It is a MK2 Ka. Thanks again :)
  2. My brake discs and pads need replacing at 24k miles which was a quite a dissapointment. I know they need replacing because they warp and knock after a lot of braking when they get hot. Ford confimirmed they needed doing when I had my service and wanted £200 to do the work. I know the parts are quite cheap and wish to do the job myself. Normally I would buy a Haynes manual to help me out but unfortunately they don't seem to be selling useful manuals these days. They don't even seem to be doing a manual for the popular 500. Maybe I need to get a Panda manual? So I wondered first of all if I can get a manual for such jobs? It would be nice to know torque settings etc. If not is there anything to look out for when doing the job? Also are there any options as far as getting the the discs to last any longer? 24k seems rediculous. I know you can get brembo gear etc. However its more the life of them I am worried about than performance. Many thanks for any advice you can give.