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  1. If it’s the PFL it will already be built I’d have thought.
  2. Not personally but I overheard the service desk saying something similar to another customer recently. Said they were having trouble getting hold of touch up kits recently.
  3. It uses about 7s of idling fuel to restart an engine. So if it’s off for more than 7s you are saving fuel. With the mild hybrids it’s even easier to stop and restart the engine.
  4. No more than any other car. Just stick to what the manual says and make sure even after, that it’s properly warmed up before you give it full beans.
  5. That’s why you have a warranty. No product is ever 100% defect free.
  6. I usually head to the Latest Posts first: https://www.fordownersclub.com/discover/26/
  7. 8GB probably worth it then. Just wanted to check as 32-bit can't* use more than 4GB.
  8. Depends if you have 32-bit or 64-bit WIndows installed.
  9. It's not really fair to look at stats in the last 18 months. They can't even build the things to sell to people with the chip shortage.
  10. The outgoing Mk4 had 18s listed as standard with 19 as optional on the press release too, but got to remember that these PRs cover all of Europe. Each country's local Ford HQ sets the actual standard equipment and for the UK, the MK4 had 19" as standard.
  11. If you thought it looked like an Ipad stuck to the dash before.... 😅 At least the facelift looks a bit more cohesive on the Focus, I don't find it quite fits the Fiesta. Very little seems to have changed inside, just a bigger screen and the climate controls are now screen only. Power button placement seems odd, like they were trying to find buttons to fill the void left by the climate controls.
  12. Press Release: New Ford Focus makes owning and driving Ford’s mid-sized family car even easier with advanced connectivity, electrified powertrains and sophisticated driver assistance technologies, as well as introducing fresh, expressive design. Available on new Focus for the first time, next-generation SYNC 4 – supported by a largest-in-segment 13.2-inch centre screen – enables cloud-connected navigation and connected voice control with natural language understanding. In addition, the technology allows Ford Power-Up software updates, available over the air to improve functionality over time. Features and services including SecureAlert, Stolen Vehicle Services and Local Hazard Information are also available via FordPass Connect. Electrified EcoBoost Hybrid 48-volt mild hybrid powertrains enhance efficiency, refinement and fun-to-drive, available for the first time with a seven-speed dual-clutch Powershift automatic option that makes light work of driving in city and stop-start traffic while complementing the hybrid powertrain’s electrically-boosted performance. A suite of next-generation driver assistance technologies includes Blind Spot Assist, Intersection Assist, and Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go, Speed Sign Recognition and Lane Centring. A new iteration of Ford’s “human-centric” design philosophy brings greater confidence and boldness to the Focus exterior in five-door and wagon bodystyles, with new bonnet profiles, LED headlights and a more distinctive approach to Titanium, ST-Line and Active variants. Each gains unique styling elements that express their individual personalities, with an available X pack bringing high specification, and expanded Vignale pack availability delivering ultimate luxury and exclusive design features. Ford also has revealed the new Focus ST – powered by a 280 PS 2.3-litre EcoBoost petrol engine – featuring all-new Performance Seats and bold exterior design that further emphasises its high-performance character. https://focus.fordpresskits.com/ Tech Specs: 2021_FordFocus_TechSpecs_EU.pdf 2021_FordFocusST_TechSpecs_EU.pdf
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