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  1. No, it's different. Not because of the cars, but because that particular Kuga is 3.0, yours is 3.3+.
  2. They don’t release every build as end user updates. it won’t fix dab logos. The issue is that the dab package is too old for the newer app build.
  3. 20196 hasn’t not been released officially. 20136 is the update being offered to 3.3+ cars.
  4. It's a hidden system folder that windows shows. It's just because you've got show hidden/system files turned on in Windows explorer. Don't worry about it. If you are doing maps it takes about 2 hrs total.
  5. The nav voice is in the maps package.
  6. Yeah 20136 needs AE, but most cars are still on AD.
  7. How did you update to 20196 though? If you used cyanlabs, it will have installed the latest version of DAB logos.
  8. Not by any official means, as you're one 3.0.
  9. My voice controls seem to be working fine. For nav etc.
  10. You have to be in the car to override it. It comes up with a message in the display with a 30s countdown before it shuts off. Just press ok to keep it running.
  11. You don’t need to stop between the first two parts. It auto reboots sync itself and carries on. You only need to ignition off for the very last part before it runs the log tool.
  12. The updates usually get rolled out a model at a time. Usually least popular to most popular. Fiesta will probably get it last due to the biggest install base once all the others have had it and it’s gone ok.
  13. Oh I know. I’m just saying it’s not always in the zip files. Lol. Tbf all they have to do is program sync to check for the presence of the auto install file instead. Before trying to index. I wonder if they’ve done that and it’s just perhaps a relic from the Windows Embedded sync 1 and 2 days.
  14. The DONTINDX isn’t always in the packages.