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  1. It's Sync 3.4, has only just started being loaded on to new built cars afaik. It can be loaded manually on to Sync 3.2+ cars, I don't know if Ford are going to offer an official update to it though, or just keep it separate.
  2. It will have been removed for cost savings, just rebrand the active city stop, so it doesn't look like they've removed any features. Every chance the LIDAR has been improved to compensate, but I doubt it has quite the range the RADAR does, hence why it's still fitted with adaptive cruise.
  3. For some reason Ford have merged two different systems under the same name. Pre-collision assist used to only be radar based, the sensor in the grille, this has quite an accurate long range hence why it's needed for adaptive cruise. The LIDAR system in the windscreen used to be called active city stop, but Ford now clearly brand it under the same Pre-collision assist name. Even going as far as to say the radar may be obscured, when it doesn't have one.
  4. It does look a little low, but it seems Ford are using the sensor array above the rear view mirror for the system (albeit over smaller distances) if you don't have the adaptive cruise control fitted. If you have adaptive cruise control, the radar is in the middle of the lower grille, if not, it's using LIDAR in the top of the windscreen. I had to turn my pre-collision assist down to low sensitivty after it kept triggering false positives (I have the adaptive cruise version), I've only had it go off once since it's been set to low and that was correct to do so, although I had seen the sudden braking, but the car can react much faster than us mere mortal humans.
  5. I'd want mine to sound like something out of tron.
  6. Have you got any antivirus running which may affect it? Someone is having a similar issue here and I downloaded and extracted the zip fine, so I don't think there is any issue with the file on the server.
  7. Do you have any antivirus which may be interfering with the extraction?
  8. I've just downloaded that link and extracted it with 7zip with no errors. It sounds like it's getting corrupted while downloading, the file on the server must be ok. What are you using to download it? Have you tried different browsers, a download manager? A different internet connection in case you are dropping packets? I get the following SHA1 hash generated by 7zip, what are you getting? If it's different then the file is corrupt.
  9. Fiesta before 2017 is Sync 1. Oil life is not part of Sync 3.0 afaik, only cars originally built with 3.2+
  10. I've noticed you are using onedrive. Have you tried redownloading the file from Ford? Or are you just grabbing it from onedrive each time? If the copy you have on onedrive has got corrupted, it will be corrupted on all devices you try to open it on.
  11. We don't allow the request or offer of radio codes. Please either visit a Ford dealer, or try ebay for a code.
  12. You could say that about any convenience feature and yet you don't own the "pauper" spec Focus, so there must have been some features you wanted, you could have used your eyes and brain for.
  13. Not sure if it works with the MK4 yet, but on older models it can.