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  1. I'd expect you to be wearing the centre of the rear tyres down faster than the shoulders at that pressure, unless you frequently carry loads?
  2. The car isn't 50/50 weight distribution, so the rear tyres are lower to compensate. What does is say on the b-pillar for your car?
  3. Sync 3.3 is different hardware, and the map update won't update your firmware, I've done the F8 map update and I'm still on Build 18025.
  4. Fwiw, this type of theft only works on keyless entry cars. You can also ask your dealer to disable the feature if your car includes it. I think some have started adding the option to a user configurable menu.
  5. I don't mind an audible/visual warning being mandatory. I use it on mine all the time. An actual intervening limiter just wouldn't work though, the speed alert system frequently picks up the wrong speed.
  6. Sorry to hear this, but they don't even need to clone or decode signal. They simply relay it. You should keep your keys away from the front door in a shielded pouch/metal tin to act as a faraday cage and block the signal. Ford and other manufacturers are starting to fit motion sensors in new keys so the signal stops broadcasting all the time. As noted above, it's also worth considering extra security too as even with your keyes protected, they can hack cars through the OBD port, although that would initially trigger the alarm, so it's not as easy as keyless relay theft.
  7. Ford ST's have been known as Ford Asbo's in my area as long as I can remember. Nothing new imo. Some just like doing that sort of thing to their car.
  8. Suggest people start routinely checking etis and see if it has any outstanding field service actions show up over the coming days.
  9. Pretty sure the handbook of most modern fords (and probably other manufacturers) say not to bump start them.
  10. They do have to be a bit careful, the cost of parts affects the insurance group, which could ultimately cost them sales if a car is too expensive to insure, especially for the sort of cars Ford sells. Probably why the "premium" german saloons charge so much more for parts.
  11. Pretty much every petrol car, or at least every turbo petrol will have GPF now. It's why some have had to alter advertised power outputs for models which have had to be upgraded. I think the 308 GTI got delayed or had some production hole while they upgraded it. A GPF should never be as much trouble as a DPF though. There is less soot and petrol exhausts run hotter anyway.
  12. I was just told by a neighbouring mechanic to make sure that the donor car isn't running, but otherwise do it as usual.
  13. If you bought it less than 6 months ago, the burden of proof is on them to prove it wasn't faulty at the time of sale. Your consumer rights far outweigh any warranty at this point. I'd remind them of the Consumer Protection Act and say you will be pursuing a claim under this if they do not repair it. Speak to Citizens advice if they don't budge easy.
  14. It started with new type approvals from Sept 2017 and new registrations from Sept 2018.