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  1. Well that’s one way to ask for help I guess.
  2. You have 6 months “warranty” as part of your statutory rights. Check citizens advice. Lots of great info there.
  3. £255 for what? That seems excessive, even for a Ford dealer. I'd expect around £160 from my dealer for the "minor" service. In terms of warranty, you can have an independent do it, but they must use Ford parts and change everything per schedule.
  4. As above, unless it's a recall/field service action, Ford (and most other makers) have a policy of "if it isn't broken, don't fix it". So unless you have a fault it might fix, they won't update any software under warranty, without a charge.
  5. 3.0 is ahead of 3.3 for map updates at the moment anyway. Lol.
  6. Different partition layout, also might need some forscan tweaks, it can be done, but it's all unofficial and unsupported. You have to wipe the system and re-program it with leaked factory tools. It can't be reversed.
  7. 3.0 won't update higher than 3.0 3.2 will update to 3.3, it may update to 3.4, we don't know yet. 3.4 is only on new builds, Ford have not released it as an OTA.
  8. If you need a paper copy, go see your local Ford dealer. Otherwise it's available digitally on the Ford website or Fordpass app.
  9. Credit card? They are just coin or card holders to cover up an otherwise blank space.
  10. That just generates the XML log file to upload to Ford servers. Same as the one you can download separately if needed.
  11. There should be a link on the download page to create a log file separately, if it doesn't work from the main update.
  12. alexp999


    Are you getting the 0 and O correct? It should start something like WF0NXX... The 0 is a zero.
  13. It's not important, it just tells Sync not to waste time trying to index the USB stick. I believe it's just a blank file, it's the filename which does "the work", rather than any contents, so you could just create a blank text file and rename it to that if you wanted.
  14. If someone can post the contents of the autoinstall.lst file for the 4th, I can tell you what's in it.
  15. It might not have the voice files for any new place names.