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  1. The issue with the RS was that some models had the incorrect head gasket fitted. The RS is supposed to have an uprated gasket to cope with the higher power output, but the standard gasket was mistakenly fitted to some cars. In the ST the engine uses the standard gasket as it’s running in a lower state of tune. So there are no worries of the same issue.
  2. Yes the file names in sync my ride should just be 5U5T... etc at the start. Remove sync my ride and the slash.
  3. I know how much the licences cost at distribution. It will be some sort of grey market key.
  4. It will be a volume licence key or used key at that price. There are weird grey areas in the law. Sometimes the keys can get revoked though.
  5. Generally no. The underlying architecture can be. But laptop CPUs are tuned for low power and heat and use a different interface. They are usually soldered directly on to the board instead of socketed. You do get some crazy overbuilt expensive laptops that use desktop CPUs but you generally only buy those to do extreme 3D work on the go.
  6. Plus a case, power supply, operating system, monitor, keyboard, mouse and it isn’t very portable if that’s what Tom wants. 😉 Dont get me wrong I have a desktop PC and no laptop. Just there is more to it than those bundles and it’s a totally different form factor.
  7. I think the Ryzen 5 will be fine. If you were wanting to edit videos, then go Ryzen 7, the extra cores will be of benefit, but photo editing shouldn't be a problem on the 5.
  8. The 3000 series isn't great and the Ryzen CPUs are better imo. It depends how much you want to spend and what you'll use it for, but I doubt you'd see the benefit of the Ryzen 7 over the 5. The 5 is still 6 cores.
  9. It's not an important file, it literally means "Do Not Index" (this USB), so the Sync system doesn't waste time indexing it. If the drive is otherwise empty, it will still install fine. At worst, it will slightly delay the start of the install process. I wouldn't worry.
  10. The DAB logos will get fixed in a future update, it's already rolling out to Kugas. You can install the file manually, but easier to wait for the official download. It's much nicer when they are working, the artwork fills the background of the audio screen.
  11. My Fiesta did and current Focus do this. I've always just assumed it was a cold sensor and/or bit of condensation until the car has warmed up.
  12. Same engine, is was a bad decision to ever reduce the intervals but they now have to stand behind it for those cars. I'd get it serviced annually regardless.
  13. No that’s a load of rubbish. I don’t have WiFi set up on my car. It uses the modem. If your app can do remote lock and unlock and read oil fuel tyres etc. Then the car is setup. You’ll just have to wait for it to download the update I guess.
  14. It wouldn't surprise me if the only difference is the label. I'd get whichever is cheapest if it was me.
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