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  1. It’s going to be a problem on all modern cars if you only do short journeys. These are emission systems present on all makes. You’d be better off going electric.
  2. A fault will be logged. You need a code reader/software capable of properly reading fords systems. Something like forscan.
  3. It's probably the fact it's not in neutral, I always take mine out of gear before I turn off the ignition or undo my seatbelt.
  4. Do you leave it in gear when you turn it off? I've never seen a message about the parking brake. Only ever if I try to move without my seatbelt clipped (like trying to move it on the drive before shutting the gate). EDIT: Although I might never have put it in the situation you see that message.
  5. Yours is an auto though right? I'd expect a slightly different procedure for that. I assume you are in P when you get out.
  6. The Mk4 Focus will apply the electronic parking brake automatically when parking if you do things in the correct order and auto-hold is enabled. I hardly ever touch the manual switch. It is linked to the seat belt. Stop with the footbrake such that auto-hold engages and then unclip your seatbelt or turn off the ignition, the parking brake will be applied. If you unclip your seat belt or open the door before you've come to a complete stop and before auto-hold has held the brakes, then it won't work. It's the same way that it releases automatically when you first start the car and go to drive off. If you don't have your seatbelt on, it won't automatically release.
  7. Assuming that Cazoo will get it cheaper than KwikFit's advertised rates, I'd just try and get £100-150 off (can start by asking for the advertised rate of £203) and get it done myself by a Ford dealer.
  8. Many Ford dealers can’t do this themselves. You just need to go somewhere that can do it. Your car will use the camera as part of it it’s safety features so there are insurance implications if it is intentionally not working correctly.
  9. The ST suspension is typically tuned for a heavier engine. If you fit it to a lighter variant you can actually end up increasing ride height.
  10. Low battery, lots of topics on here about it.
  11. If you reported the engine problem within 6 months of ownership then your consumer rights trump any warranty. The dealer will have to fix the car at their cost. If any part of the car was paid for on credit, if you used a credit card to pay a deposit you can get the bank involved too through Section 75.
  12. The clips are like a rivet they are made of two parts, the "face" comes out like a pin and you can then pull the plug bit out. What mudflaps are you using? The bodykit on the ST and ST-line doesn't have Ford flaps, I've gone for Rallyflapz ShortieZ on mine
  13. I really wouldn't go for diesel if you do short journeys. You'll have the same issues with any manufacturer. Even an old pre-DPF car will not thank you for short journeys, you can still get blocked injectors where it doesn't get hot enough to burn off the deposits. Hung up probably wasn't the kindest phrase I could have used. Just make sure you are factoring everything in. MPG isn't everything, particularly if you are low mileage user.
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