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  1. Another option for the roundabout, if you ever find yourself stuck in the right lane and want to go left or straight on, just go round the roundabout until you reach the desired exit 😉
  2. Moved for you 😉 Might be better just to focus (no pun intended) on the regular 2.0 TDCi and remap it, it would surely be more straight forward. That said, the 2.0 TDCI in both "normal" and ST guise use a different gearbox to the 1.6 TDCi
  3. On lower trim levels Ford don't use LEDs but a bulb. If you have front bulbs on but nothing at the rear, they're just non-LED DRLs, you won't be able to turn them off, they're a legal requirement
  4. Does it say why? Is it part of the extended licence?
  5. Looks pretty spot on: That says 46.1 is the average for that car/engine.
  6. Looks like there is another hidden Edge right in the middle of the picture, to the right of the white van mostly hidden by the tree. Or something of the same colour at least, lol.
  7. You get a years breakdown from Ford when it's serviced by a dealer. But if you've already got breakdown then fair enough. 👍
  8. It depends on the PDF viewer you are using. I think acrobat has options to tile pages and change page scaling.
  9. Try printing something like this over two sheets?
  10. £18 is worth it for the breakdown alone imo.
  11. If there was a recall in place you'd know about it, like the coolant hoses of the previous gen. Ford won't want to have to keep replacing engines if it's a known issue. I think this is just a one off unfortunate engine, the fact it's gone at such low mileage must mean it was faulty from factory.
  12. That's good they gave you a focus so it's same practicality. Quite often courtesy cars are only a Ka or Fiesta.
  13. It's the same engine in the Fiesta ST which has been out for a year and I've not noticed anything mentioned on ST forums, so I'd expect it to just be a one off faulty engine unfortunately.
  14. What is due though? What age/mileage?
  15. She's lucky they are honouring the warranty given it's not been serviced in accordance with the stated intervals.