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  1. It is a different factory that supplies Australia.
  2. Any that are Qi compatible.
  3. It's been a while since I did mine, I'd have to have a look, unless you can grab a pic of yours, it might jog my memory where I grounded it. 😅
  4. I grounded mine to the bolt just under the edge of the passenger carpet beneath the fusebox.
  5. If it's a Mk7 Fiesta then it has electric power steering.
  6. That's not an ST. That'll be an ST-Line. The Fiesta ST has 200 PS.
  7. The front sequential lights are the adaptive lights. Ford don’t do rear ones and I’m not aware of any third party which does.
  8. Yeah that’s been a bug on the last couple of versions of 3.4 unfortunately.
  9. Sounds like a problem with the map API causing an error the app can't handle and it crashes. Have you checked for an app update?
  10. I think Ford have uploaded the wrong one for the UK. EDIT: It's the pricelist for Ireland.
  11. It's just the main software being updated in this one, 5U5T-14G381-EM. Everything else is just to check it's for the correct Sync hardware and to create the log file.
  12. Probably because some dealers kept forgetting to take them off. 😅
  13. The multi-meter shouldn't show zero unless the battery is completely disconnected. It should record something even without a "bad" drain as the car is always using a tiny bit of power when stationary.
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