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  1. It started with new type approvals from Sept 2017 and new registrations from Sept 2018.
  2. That's what the new WLTP test/figures are for, they are a lot closer to the real world than before. Tbf, the real world has so many variables, the idea is just to devise a repeatable test which allows you to compare manufacturers/models.
  3. alexp999

    Exhaust filter limit reached - on petrol car?

    I run mine on 97, perhaps it has something to do with it? But I wouldn't expect it to make a difference that fast, to some on here who've only done a few hundred miles from new with the Focus, that sounds more like a software issue...
  4. alexp999

    MK8 VIN Number

    They usually only give you the GAH bit onwards. For 3 door, prefix with WF0FXX For 5 door, prefix with WF0JXX
  5. alexp999

    Exhaust filter limit reached - on petrol car?

    I don't understand how the same engine in the Focus is experiencing issues though. I appreciate the map is different but the base "firmware" monitoring sensors etc must be the same...
  6. alexp999

    Exhaust filter limit reached - on petrol car?

    I'm about 4500 miles in with the 1.5 EB and no issues yet.
  7. alexp999

    ST/ST line suspension

    In a word, no. The Mk8 ST has teneco dampers front and rear which the ST-line does not. The Mk8 ST also has "banana" springs on the rear, which the ST-line does not. The front springs on the ST will also be set for the 1.5 EB its ancillaries and the heavier B6 gearbox.
  8. alexp999

    Message-hill start assist disabled

    If you've had the car serviced by Ford it's whole life, sometimes they'll offer a gesture of goodwill when it's only just outside warranty. Otherwise you've always got your consumer rights to fall back on as I'd argue it hasn't lasted a reasonable amount of time.
  9. alexp999

    ST mk8 drive modes

    Suspension is passive adaptive. It has twin valves in the front which react depending of the frequency of the input. They are not controlled electronically and don't change with the modes. Otherwise everything you've said is correct from my understanding. The only other thing is that sport and track mode disable the auto stop start (and cylinder deactivation afaik).
  10. The Ford keyless system is "passive". By passive it means that the key is "asleep", waiting to be woken up. The car is emitting a low power radio signal, so when you are in range, it wakes the key up and the key broadcasts it's "unlock" code. The car receives it, the car unlocks. Same thing works in the car, interior radios keep the key awake to detect it's presence. For safety reasons (say the battery in the key went flat, or it was obstructed by something metal), the car will not stop without the key present, it will just chime and come up with a warning. If the engine stops, it usually allows a restart for a small window, without the key present, but after that, it won't restart without the key.
  11. I just wanted people with only keyless start to realise they are still in some part vulnerable to these type of thefts. It's not as easy/silent because they can't unlock the car with a booster/relay, but even if they triggered the alarm smashing a window, getting their relay device in to the car will quickly shut it up and they can be off.
  12. The point is that even with the car locked if the car "thinks" the key is in the car it will start, i.e. if theives boost the signal and get the car to think they key is in the car, it will unlock and start.
  13. When I had alarm problems on a Focus with keyless entry, the alarm would deactivate as soon as it detected the key inside the car. Didn't have to press anything. They may have changed it since, but that was only a 2012 model.
  14. The keys are the same whether you have keyless entry or start. I can't see why they couldn't also fool the car into thinking the key is inside the car if they can fool it in to thinking it's right next to it
  15. Even with the obd port secured. You could still be vulnerable to signal relay theft which is how they unlock keyless entry cars without triggering the alarm. I just keep my keys in a tin, so the signal can't be picked up for either.