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  1. So you're part of the problem, lol.
  2. It won’t help that it’s pot lock whether you get an engineer that can be bothered to investigate either. When I was still living at home it took 3 engineers coming out until the last one did some proper investigation and found that the wire between the drop line from the pole and the internal wiring as it goes through the wall was the original 1960s corroded wiring. Lazy people before had just cut it each side of the wall and reconnected when it got rewired.
  3. Ford haven’t made any which fit the body lot of the ST or ST line. Ive been chasing Rallyflapz since I got my car. Both they and mountune said they will have something in future. But with everything going on that’s probably on hold. Avoid puddles for now? At least our cars won’t get so dirty not being able to drive them. 🙁
  4. Do you definitely have keyless entry, not just start? Do you have anything on the door handles to inidicate keyless entry? On the newer Fords, there is an option in the drivers display to toggle it on and off. Otherwise, if your car definitely has it fitted but there is no option in the drivers display, it's possible the previous owner had it turned off. The garage would be able to turn it back on. Also, garages are still open for maintenance. It's only the sales/showroom part that is closed, however I'd argue it's not essential, so maybe just make them aware if you're sure it should have it and can't find a way to turn it on and tell them you'd like to arrange to have it fixed when the ban on non-essential travel is eased. Perhaps worth putting it in writing/email just so you have a record of it being soon after purchase.
  5. You also have to consider people’s mental well being. I’m working from home looking at a computer all day and stuck indoors the rest of the time. Doing any sort of exercise indoors is not enough, I need to get out in the fresh air, stretch my legs, hear the birds sing and recharge mentally a bit. People just have to be sensible. Keep distances from others, don’t travel to exercise, even if you do more of a workout from home, people need to go for a walk around the block even just for a change of scenery and not feel totally imprisoned.
  6. I think we’re all going to look like the humans from wall-e by the end of this.
  7. Shame about the C*rsa ruining the picture 😛
  8. Every other day? I could file wood with my face by 5pm shaving every day. 😅
  9. The world has been waiting for something like this to happen again because it's repeatedly happened in the past. The last one was Spanish Flu and there will be more again in future.
  10. It has a knock sensor. It will adapt after a tank full or so. It’s unlikely to given enough of an mpg gain to justify extra though.
  11. I do like that after saying this morning they'd have to cancel and didn't know when/if they'd get to me, Autoglass turned up unannounced about 2 hrs after they were originally due. They had a nurse to help out first but I was only round the corner so came and did me after. Glad it's sorted, looks good as new, they've done a great job.
  12. I've done it on this one, but whenever you see one, just hit the repot this item link and report them for price gouging. Amazon will have a similar report function.
  13. Yeah it's right in front of the steering wheel, my normal eyeline is just across the top of it, I only look through/passed it to look at road 20m or so in front of car or going uphill. It's definitely crept longer than when it happened, I've kept the heaters off just in case, at least it's getting warmer now.
  14. I used to do online shopping, it's fully booked as far ahead as it lets you pick, so I'm back to having to visit shops. Just worried about it getting worse that's all. Wouldn't be so worried if it was on passengers side.
  15. It says they must still keep their car in a roadworthy condition. My screen is cracked, i.e. not roadworthy, but now Autoglass can't replace it, I assume police won't worry about enforcing things like that for now, I don't have a choice but to use my car to at least get food shopping.