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  1. alexp999

    Ambient lighting mk3 focus

    The LED is soldered directly to the pcb that the cable clips in to.
  2. alexp999

    Ambient lighting mk3 focus

    They are SMD LEDs, you'd have to re-solder a different colour, if you could work out the spec.
  3. alexp999

    Headlight Malfunction Titanium X

    If the aim goes wonky I while on test I would expect it to fail, I don't know about the rules with warning/fault messages. I'll have to let someone else answer. The Ford dealership undertaking the warranty work should be able to advise you otherwise?
  4. alexp999

    Headlight Malfunction Titanium X

    Common issue, headlight will need to be replaced, are you still in warranty?
  5. alexp999

    Fast Fiestas - Which is your favourite?

    Don't knock the 3 pot until you've heard and/or driven it. (When it's warmed up, it sounds odd when cold). I much prefer it to the Mk7s 1.6 EB. I've driven both. The 3 pot in the mk8 sounds way better than you'd think, imo.
  6. Should be able to get them, more expensive though, I'm not sure how much of the just the casing you can get, without buying a lot of the internals too.
  7. You've got bi-xenons, the link you posted is the standard halogen reflector cluster, so not the right one
  8. alexp999

    Bang & Olufsen MK8... Underwhelmed?

    Flac is working fine for me. I have found this system shows up poor production. It really shines with decent stuff. Ive converted my entire collection to flac, but still some artists have done poor masters which this shows up. I also found i had to turn treble right down, it's 3 off the bottom for me. Also adaptive volume doesn't just adjust the volume it skews the eq too, so I'd turn that off and just adjust volume manually. Helped me loads.
  9. Haven't been driving long enough to have a really long list, but every car I've owned has been a Ford, so hopefully that's something 😛 2002 Focus Zetec, State Blue, 1.8 TDCi (115) 2010 Fiesta Titanium, Panther Black, 1.6 TDCi (90) 2012 Focus Titanium X, Ink Blue, 2.0 TDCi (163) 2014 Focus Zetec S, Magnetic, 1.5 EcoRattle (150) 2015 Focus ST-3, Deep Impact Blue, 2.0 EcoBoost (250) 2018 Fiesta ST-3, Frozen White, 1.5 EcoBoost (200)
  10. alexp999

    Your Insurance Annual?

    Just renewed at £448 with Aviva. That includes legal cover & NCD protection. Admiral initially comes out cheaper on comparison sites, but they don't include factory fit options, so by the time you add all those, it's more expensive. Couldn't beat Aviva renewal quote, once I factor in factory options and the ability to choose my own repairer.
  11. alexp999

    Black or white ST

    White for me, guess I am a bit bias, however I've had both black and white Fiestas and so far the white has been easier to look after. While it looks good clean, the white doesn't show the general dust like it does on black and deep colours. Black (and my previous DIB) showed everything, every lacquer mark and imperfection, specs of dust as soon as you've washed it. Proper dirt/mud looks bad on any colour imo. Also I can wash the white Fiesta in direct summer sun without worry, the bodywork just doesn't heat up and dry the water out (hard water area where I live, so lots of calcium in the water). But ultimately it is personal preference. Black can look mean, but then you tend to have to work on the plastic too, or they just look grey against the bodywork. White shows the plastics up better imo.
  12. alexp999

    Warranty Issue and Finance

    The issue is that the consumer rights are against the supplying dealer. You have no legal recourse from the dealer undertaking the repair. They are simply acting on behalf of Ford in fulfilling the warranty, which in itself is simply a contract and does not affect or override your statutory rights (it usually has words to that effect within it). You can hope for something out of Ford and the dealer trying to help you, but that's as part of the warranty and any gesture's of good will Ford chooses to support you/them with. Enforcing your legal rights against the finance company, they will probably expect you to have done the same to the supplying dealer first. However if I remember correctly, there isn't legally a need to, they are jointly liable, not just liable in the event you get nothing out of the seller. It's worth speaking to Citizen's Advice on how best to proceed, if you hit a dead end through Ford and their warranty.
  13. alexp999

    Warranty Issue and Finance

    If it's hire purchase, then yes under Section 75 of the consumer credit act, you can hold the lender accountable and enforce all of your consumer rights against them, however they normally ask you to have made every effort with the seller. Have you tried a formal letter to the supplying dealer referring to your consumer rights?
  14. alexp999

    Mk8 gearchange

    I've always noticed the gearboxes are a bit more notchy in the winter, from the oil thickening up from the cold I'm guessing.
  15. alexp999

    Warranty Issue and Finance

    Did the finance company pay the dealer, or is it an unsecure personal loan where they paid you?