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  1. alexp999

    MK8 full led headlights

    Have to remember the price list price is an upgrade cost, in place of hardware not longer needed. The LED clusters are probably in the region of £600+ each. They also require auto levelling systems, so that sensors on the suspension to judge the load/angle of the car. Then it all needs the correct looms for the sensor and lights to be wired up. Potentially the early BCMs don't support it, so may need replacing. There have always been upgrades to the specification of a car over it's life. Usually things like infotainment being upgraded, but can apply to anything.
  2. alexp999

    Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    It was built 29th May, with an original ETA of 23rd June, but all STs are being held at the factory and not released for transport till they replace some sub standard part so I've read. No idea when it will be now, need to wait for factory to release it Oh and I ordered it in white.
  3. alexp999

    Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    28th April. ST-3.
  4. alexp999

    Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    I still don't have mine yet, although I know I ordered later.
  5. alexp999

    Engine Bay Bird's Nest!!!

    I read that as martians initially 🤣
  6. alexp999

    ST factor

    It's already available to order
  7. alexp999

    Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Dealers have never been able to guarantee when the cars turn up as it's reliant on transporters. Ford won't send a transporter out till it's full and then sometimes they can get held up on route. So sometimes it just turns up.
  8. alexp999

    ST factor

    ST-Line gets 10mm lowered suspension, that's the only mechanical difference. Everything else is cosmetic over the normal titanium, zetec, etc. So if you feel the engine pulls harder its just placebo.
  9. alexp999

    Bi xenons pretty hopeless

    When you first turn them on it just moves in all directions to check that the mechanism is operating and reporting back its position correctly, without getting stuck, it then returns to its normal position based on the sensor reading on the suspension.
  10. alexp999

    Strange pull away. 2.0 tdci 163.

    Needs a PCM update by sounds of it.
  11. alexp999

    Bi xenons pretty hopeless

    They only self adjust based on suspension load/angle, but it's adjusted from the default alignment, so it can still be set too low.
  12. alexp999

    Bi xenons pretty hopeless

    Have you had the alignment checked? Mine were low from the factory.
  13. alexp999

    Valet mode?

    Yeah just unlock the car and open a door to disengage auto relock then put the keys in the house, can clean, do sills, open doors, touch handles, doesn't matter then.
  14. alexp999

    Engine Bay Bird's Nest!!!

    Persistent little things.
  15. alexp999

    Valet mode?

    Can't you just leave your keys indoors? That's what I do.