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  1. It's the same gearbox fitted to the Kuga with the 4 pot 1.5 EB, so there must be a way of mating them up.
  2. Open source is usually a good place to start when looking for safe free software:
  3. Fwiw, the common "issue", or it should really be symptom, is the car entering limp home mode. Quite a few things can trigger this, the car tries to protect itself if it detects an engine fault. So each person could have a different fault, but all experience the same symptom if it triggers limp home mode. Hopefully yours is nothing major, it might just be air in the system, low coolant or the temp rising a little too much due to the leak that it entered limp home mode to protect the engine. There were recalls on early 1.0s were to tighten the parameters at which the engine protects itself, to reduce the chance of overheating and damage.
  4. The 1.6 TDCi 90PS Fiesta is non-DPF. The 95PS is the DPF version. It changed around mid to late 2010. If you check on Etis, it should confirm if it's stage IV or V.
  5. It should also be noted that Ford's own literature can be wrong for the stated capacity. It says my ST is 42L in the brochure although I've put more than that in with miles still to go. The manual says something like 46 or 48 iirc.
  6. It's generally about 5L left when it says 0 miles on most modern cars (or Fords at least) It's not good to run it right out though. Also my mum had issues before where she kept only topping up £5-10 here and there then the fuel gauge got stuck. Mechanical told her to fill it up every now and then so it can measure from top, keep itself calibrated.
  7. There is something like this?
  8. It's digital, through the speakers on the Mk8, there is no pipe.
  9. The fiesta has a CD player in the glovebox even if you order it from factory. It can be added after its in the accessory catalog. If you don't have it, you just get a slot instead which takes the handbook nicely.
  10. Have you had it on a code reader to see if anything has been logged?
  11. But equally adding more and more of these convenience features means stupid people that do that, will pay even less attention to the road than they already do(n't). 😞
  12. You can register for free as an indepenent operator.
  13. Etis only records the reg it was given when it was new. It's illegal to put a plate on a car which makes it appear newer than it is though. Perhaps the CA59 is a custom plate used for first reg, but was then taken off, so it was re-registered based on it's year of production, 2011? What does Ford Etis show the build date as?