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  1. Deep impact blue

    It's terrible to look after. Colours change all the time though.
  2. MK3 Ecoboost 1.6 182 Focus RS Airbox?

    The RS airbox lid is taller so the seal makes contact with the bonnet to stop hot engine air being sucked in to the intake. The RS also uses the same bottom part of the box as the ST which has an extra intake pipe and no snorkel under the slam panel.
  3. Multiple Printer Setup

    If the printers insist on being attached to the root hub, the only other method I can think of, if you can't get a dock or expansion port for the laptop is to go usb over ip. Looks like you only have 4 without native IP support? (Ethernet or WiFi)
  4. Multiple Printer Setup

    USB hubs are a bit like network switches where they do internal electrical switching to keep everything communicating. The physical switches on that hub are only really good for cutting power to things like chargers and HDDs. Are you using the AC adapter with it?
  5. Multiple Printer Setup

    A normal USB hub should work, what wasn't working? What type was it? We do 14 port rackmount hubs where I work and I haven't heard of any issues. Obviously if you connected a hard drive to each, you're not going to get full throughput on all simultaneously, but I printers don't need that much.
  6. Things I Don't Like

    I assume that the doctor's significant other's advice?
  7. Which Wheel Cleaner?

    I might have to start looking for another cleaner. Bilberry is non-acidic, but still caustic. They just use high pH (alkaline) chemicals instead. Still it hasn't eaten my centre caps like wonder wheels did.
  8. Which Wheel Cleaner?

    That astonish one contains Sodium Hydroxide. EDIT: Actually so does Bilberry.
  9. Which Wheel Cleaner?

    If you buy cheap wheel cleaner just make sure it's no caustic. I used to use wonder wheels until it ate my centre caps.
  10. Which Wheel Cleaner?

    Something non caustic. I use bilberry wheel cleaner. Great stuff lasts ages, you buy as concentrate then just make up your own spray bottle to the strength you want. I have mine quite strong as I only do them a few times a year, haha.
  11. MK8 Security

    Mk8 is available with and without keyless entry. Many models have keyless start, not sure if there are still key equipped lower models.
  12. MK8 Security

    On keyless entry cars (from any manufacturer), the car is emitting a low range signal all the time, when the key comes within range it wakes up and responds with the unlock code, so when you grab the handle the car unlocks. Criminals can use relays to boost the signal from the car to wake your key up (that most people leave by their front door) and relay the signal from the key back to the car, so the car thinks it's in range and unlocks. You use tins or Faraday pouches to block the signal to/from the key.
  13. MK8 Security

    All you can do is make it difficult, if they want it enough they'll get it. It's why we have insurance. Don't really want people breaking in to your house for they keys either.
  14. MK8 Security

    There is only so much they can do within EU regulation as the OBD port must be both physically and electrically accessible to ensure independent garages can work on the car. It sounds like they've made it more difficult to reach through the window by lowering the port and have hopefully sorted the alarm blind spot. Lower models also get the interior sensors now, not just the ST. That said, all keyless cars regardless of manufacturer are vunerable to wireless relay theft. You can use tins and pouches to block the signal from your key when you're not using the car. You can also ask the dealer to turn off the keyless entry if you don't want to use it.
  15. LED headlamps

    I'd just stick some night breakers or similar in if it was me.