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  1. How low do you go before refuelling?

    Pump would sit outside the tank afaik so it's volume added to the cars capacity.
  2. Research Questionaire

    My car is on finance, so I technically don't own all of it. Still count?
  3. hard wire a dash cam on a 2012 focus

    I prefer it switching off with ignition that's the only reason.
  4. How low do you go before refuelling?

    Focus st needs a big tank so you're not filling up every 5mins, ha.
  5. Nextbase Dashcam Hardwire Issues!

    Just to check you've get engine/ignition on when testing? Fuse 85 is switched live. Not something odd like fuse tap round the wrong way?
  6. Nextbase Dashcam Hardwire Issues!

    What are you using as the ground point?
  7. Strange message coming up

    It has a GPS receiver (regardless of whether sat nav is fitted).
  8. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Means it's at the Port of Vlissingen (translates to Flushing) in the Netherlands, waiting to be loaded on to a boat which will go to Dagenham.
  9. Focus ST Line 1.5 Ecoboost 150/182ps

    It depends how close to the limit the car already is at stock. Quite often the main limits lifted are the torque limits to protect the gearbox Remapped Fiestas have been known to chew through their synchros.
  10. Focus ST Line 1.5 Ecoboost 150/182ps

    While it can be the case, it's not all sunshine and rainbows Stuff can and does go wrong with mapped cars. It's just a risk you have to be willing to take as there is no warranty.
  11. Focus ST Line 1.5 Ecoboost 150/182ps

    You only get wider tyres with the 18s. Same can be had in Titanium etc. Not exclusive to the sporty models.
  12. 55 Fiesta ST

  13. Focus ST Line 1.5 Ecoboost 150/182ps

    They stiffened up the front end on the MK3.5 On top of that the Zetec s and st lines get sport suspension which is slightly lower and more taught without being crashy or as harsh as the full ST.
  14. Fish aquariums

    I've learnt how to do fishless cycle now anyway and with the bit of media and water from the other one it's not too long a wait.