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  1. Ecoboost cutting out at high revs

    Regardless of whether or not you NEED to red line, you should be ABLE to red line it. Saying just to change early is ignoring the fact that there is something going on at high revs which shouldn't be. Just shifting early and hoping you don't encounter it means you are likely to then encounter worse problems later.
  2. Android auto - giving up

    Have you tried a different usb cable?
  3. Ecoboost cutting out at high revs

    @iantt any thoughts?
  4. Ecoboost cutting out at high revs

    There should be no need to shift early to avoid problems. The engine is built to rev up to it's redline and should be able to do so without issue. Obviously you shouldn't do it on a cold engine, but it sounds like the sign of an issue that I wouldn't ignore. Seems odd it happens at a fixed RPM though, a fuelling issue would surely vary by load not just RPM.
  5. MK3 Focus - What not to do with FoCCCus...

    So it won't read with that silver switch near your finger in either position?
  6. New Tweeters for mk7.5

    Do you have the standard or Sony speakers? The sony branded system has better speakers and they don't cost that much. Works best with the uprated HU though too obviously. Not as good as a proper after market system, but pretty good imo. I upgraded my 2010 Fiesta to the Sony system. Speakers cost about £100 for all 6 I think.
  7. 1ltr Ecoboost for the motorway?

    Nah, it will be quite happy doing that. Motorways miles are the least strenuous on a car.
  8. 1ltr Ecoboost for the motorway?

    Should be good then, might just have to drop it down from a cog on the hills. You should get 45-50 mpg I reckon.
  9. 1ltr Ecoboost for the motorway?

    What gearbox you got, 5 or 6 speed?
  10. Any and all Ford's are welcome.
  11. Mk7.5 ZS Red Edition Gearbox Problem

    2015 car will be in warranty until at least 2018. If you've always had it serviced by Ford they usually help you out in circumstances like this as you could otherwise argue it hasn't lasted a reasonable amount of time, which can be claimed for up to 6 years since purchase with your consumer rights.
  12. Vignale Question

    I honestly wouldn't buy a Vignale for any reason other than what you physically get on the car. Don't worry though, they rip off the dealers too. They're not allowed to sell them without the correct paraphernalia. My local said it was over £1000 cost (so ex VAT), for two Vignale mats and a little info stand.
  13. My ongoing Focus saga...

    Mechanic gave me a good tip once to test for a flat battery when it won't start. Put the dipped beam on, then try to start. If the lights go out it's flat. On a healthy battery they will dim a bit but not go out completely. If the lights don't even flicker there is some other problem preventing it from starting.
  14. Vignale Question

  15. Vignale Question

    I was under the impression you only get the special service from the Vignale centres.