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  1. You need to press the button on the end of the left stalk to turn it on. You’ll then get an extra green icon at the bottom of the screen to show it’s active.
  2. And if the filters on the this forum have the Scunthorpe problem then you’ll also miss out on all the IB5 syncro problem threads! EDIT: An intelligent filter!
  3. Did you read what unofix said? You’re clearly logged in.
  4. A fuse either works or it doesn't. Have you checked your battery voltage? Make sure your alternator is charging the battery properly. A new battery will only buy you a bit of time if it's not being charged correctly.
  5. The problem with public charging is that it wears out the battery. Ideally you should always charge overnight at home slowly and only rapid charge on public charger when you need to do long distance. This is why they are looking at on street chargers for people to use overnight. The other issue with public charging is that one charger can't serve as many cars as one fuel pump. Due to the time it takes.
  6. It can get them back to a usable state but it can’t repair the damage. Some chargers refuse to charge a battery below a certain voltage.
  7. I think Ford only recommend it every 2-4 years. Depends on the engine. It’s not every service.
  8. You’re cutting off one of the important digits 14G421 is map data. 14G422 is voice files. There is a BDK for map and data and voice files.
  9. If it is downloading them in order, that's the last file of 9, for the map data. There might still be another file or two for the voice files, depending on how it's downloading it. On the USB, it does all 9 map data files first, then the 4 voice files after. But yours seems to have done a voice file earlier, so I'm not sure of the exact order OTA.
  10. 1 amp should be enough for a dashcam.
  11. I went for 3 more years. Already made a claim for the 3rd brake light to be replaced, so it's probably at least half paid for itself, if not more.
  12. If you get the Auto hold icon appear on the dash then it will keep holding the brakes for you. You can let go of the pedal. If you come to a gentle stop, you have to press the brake a little harder to make it engage sometimes. It will keep the brake lights on though, so if you know you'll be sat for a while, worth putting the parking brake on to save the person behind especially at night.
  13. That's the headlight washers. They will get stuck out if your screenwash freezes when you use them.
  14. Ford don't publish a changelog so it's only ever what the community notices. The main thing for 23188 is that it fixed the rwdata partition becoming full and locking up the unit/reset settings. Which was introduced in 22251.
  15. It's a Powershift, which means it is DCT, not a Torque Converter. It still has a clutch (actually 2, because DCT means dual clutch transmission), it's just computer controlled. DCTs are known for not being smooth at low speed unfortunately. Torque converter Autos handle this much better, but Ford only offer than in the ST for the Focus. Did you not test drive one?
  16. Sounds like low battery, how often and far do you use the car? Ford could well be correct.
  17. Does it reach temperature on a longer drive? 12 mins really isn't that much, I wouldn't expect an engine to reach temperature in that time below 0.
  18. Wouldn't size mismatches mess up the wheel rotation readings for the ABS, stability control, etc?
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