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  1. Please keep general covid discussion in a dedicated thread such as this one, thanks.
  2. It’s not independent it means the phone is in range of the car. Sounds like it’s not lost! If it works when you go for a drive it’s in the car.
  3. Yeah that's always how it works, because the ethanol has about 1/3rd less energy by same volume of petrol. But that means the E0 compared to E10 is about 3.3% less energy, so that's how much it should affect the mpg. E5 to E10 should be 1.67%. It can take a fill up or two for the car to adjust to use it in the most effecient way, the same when switching between Super and Regular due to the different octanes. The main issue the ethanol in the fuel is the damage to pipes and components on old cars that aren't designed for it and it can also attract more water if left for long periods.
  4. How is it possible to get less MPG than the amount of Ethanol present, that doesn't make sense.
  5. No it will just be mixed with what's left, so as above, you might get E7.5, if it was half emtpy, or some mix between 5% and 10% depending on the levels when it was refilled.
  6. Comparing Super E5 to regular E10 is not a fair comparison. The higher octane rating of the Super will allow the car to advance timing due to the fuel's better resistance to knock and means you will see an MPG improvement, just from the higher octane rating. Ethanol has about 1/3rd less energy by same volume of petrol. So 5% extra ethanol should at worst cause a 1.67% drop in economy at the same octane rating.
  7. It has a new look, that's the main difference. More of a "re-skin", it's still mostly laid out the same.
  8. They moved to 3.2+ around late 2018 iirc. If you use cyanlabs, you'll need to keep using that, for your map updates. The F10 map for Sync 3.0, is different to that for 3.4. So you can't use the F10 update from Ford if you've gone from 3.0 to 3.4 with cyanlabs.
  9. You can't get 3.4 officially. Ford have split development, 3.0 and 3.4 are both maintained and updated separately. 3.2+ Has a different partition layout. Sites like cyanlabs have loaded 3.4 on to 3.0 cars by using a leaked tool used by the factory to wipe, partition and load the files. However, it's not an official way, or supported by Ford. It's also a one way trip, you can't go back to 3.0 after doing it.
  10. Both yours and the ST are part of the PSA DW10 family. Yours is a DW10C, the ST uses a DW10FC Remaps typically take advantage of some headroom in the factory map, that may be there for long term reliability, emissions, temperature extremes, etc. Both can probably be uplifted, yours at 163 PS was the highest factory available at the time, so it's not a down-tuned version. Further development by the time the ST came out, allowed them to have a 185 as the highest.
  11. Those errors are from systems which all rely on the abs sensors.
  12. This is the F10 map update for Sync 3.0
  13. Holy thread revival. 10 years! I doubt that app is even still a thing at this point
  14. It might be part of the update, it's definitely changed some things. She now says "My mistake" if you say "none of those" to the contact or track options she thinks you might have said. It used to just loop back and say please say a command again.
  15. Yeah that's a perfectly valid use case. People just need to be aware when they are making unsupported (by Ford) changes. I'm all for this tool making things easier, just sometimes it's not good for someone who doesn't know what/why they are doing it.
  16. Ok, that's changed since I looked at it last. It must still skip the checks Ford run, as it wouldn't install otherwise for 3.0 to 3.4.
  17. Cyanlabs is using a leaked tool that’s used by the Ford factory to load the initial software. It completely overwrites everything. It’s not the same as the update process given to customers by download or the process the Ford dealers use. Edit: I should clarify, it does use the same files for the software and maps, it just not the same process. It's why it is able to load 3.4 on to APIM Ford are keeping on 3.0, because it just wipe the storage and starts again, not running any checks the official updates do.
  18. It needs a proper oil change if it reaches 0% to maintain the warranty.
  19. I know what it is and hear it being used occasionally...
  20. https://www.fordownersclub.com/announcement/62-halfords-discount-update/
  21. It’s the sound symposer pipe. It’s to allow more of the induction noise in to the cabin. Some people don’t like it and block it off.
  22. There are different mats for auto and manual, perhaps they've got you the manual ones? Manual: https://shop.ford.co.uk/products/performance-floor-mats-front-black-1 Auto: https://shop.ford.co.uk/products/performance-floor-mats-front-black
  23. Tbf, the Ford dealer should be doing the parasitic draw test. Have they said they've done this?
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