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  1. I think it has two horns, (twin tone) I'd be surprised if both are broken. They hang off the front crash bar afaik. I'll try and find some pics, but generally anywhere showing the install of a FMIC you can see them,
  2. There are very few relays on modern cars, perhaps just on some high power circuits. I would expect it's just controlled by circuitry.
  3. It's under Display, measurement units on my drivers display menu.
  4. I'd be getting trading standards and citizens advice involved. You have consumer rights against the dealer who sold it to you, things like this is the time to use them
  5. That message is there due to regulations, afaik it can't be turned off.
  6. I had something similar with my previous mk8. It turned out to be the brake pads clunking in the callipers. Some anti binding stuff or something I think the mechanic used to fix it.
  7. If you just mean in general, then it’s because reverse gears are straight cut, not helical like the forward gears. It’s cheaper. Straight cut gears teeth clatter together at high frequency and cause the typical reverse gear whine. The forward gears are helical cut so they are quiet.
  8. This can happen with cheap bulbs that don’t have circuitry to overcome the issue. LEDs require very little power and can light with induced current just from parallel running power cables. The circuit powering your fan is probably causing a small amount of induced current going to the LED. You could try a different manufacturers bulb otherwise you could get the electrics checked to make sure it’s wired correctly.
  9. Remote start is only available on autos with a built in modem.
  10. Ford pass Pro is intended for commercial vehicles. The normal Ford pass app can do everything a car is capable of, whether you have the modem or not, you don't need any other app.
  11. Afaik all new cars need to have this and that’s been the case since the Puma came out, it was required before the car launched so all Pumas should have it. Do you have an auto hold button? That’s largely replaced hill start assist, if that’s turned off you might not get anything. You need to firmly press the brake pedal to engage it when you come to a stop.
  12. What was used to scan for codes? A generic reader often will not pickup all codes you need something capable of reading all Ford specific ones. Normally on Fords an error light will log a fault. I can scan a car that’s 6 months old and has never had a warning light and there will be minor faults about communication losses. It’s usually quite good at logging.
  13. This is where I was basing my info on modem or non modem. It’s an official Ford subdomain. https://fpcommunity.ford.com/t5/Chat/Some-FordPass-features-will-be-discontinued/td-p/658
  14. Might be an ABS sensor. There should be a fault logged if it triggered those lights. Something that can read ford specific codes like forscan should pick it up.
  15. I assume yours didn’t come with the performance pack then? Launch control might need something programmed to the pcm too.
  16. Ok, it looks like the features you lose is going to depend on whether or not your car has a modem fitted. If you have a modem you only lose the features I posted, so you'll still have fuel, oil, tyre, etc. If you don't have a modem you lose all of that. What basically seems to be happening is that Ford are re-working the app and getting rid of the phone to car data link. In earlier cars you had Ford Applink and it sent oil life and other things through the phone to the app, this is ending afaik. Later cars have a built in modem and upload their data directly to Ford servers and so this can stay. It still used your phone link for the Journeys feature and the other couple of things in the screenshot I posted, which is why this ends. A 22 plate should have a built in modem, so you should have had the same message as me really.
  17. I got this the other day. But mine says nothing about fuel, oil , etc being discontinued. I don’t use the features mentioned in my message. I do keep an eye on fuel levels, tyre pressure and oil life though.
  18. Turbo at the front means wet belt afaik.
  19. Maybe it just depends if the dealer could be bothered to upload it then 😆
  20. The PDI shows on my app, depending on when you got the car, it may not show up straight away though.
  21. You probably only have single colour ambient lighting.
  22. It's just a risk I wouldn't personally be willing to take on the 1.0
  23. I wouldn't drive it again until you can get the codes read and coolant system checked, the car is entering limp mode and you could do more damage driving it, assuming it's not too late. How is the coolant level? The 1.0 is very senstive to overheating.
  24. As built data is as the name implies. It’s the config your car had when it was built, it doesn’t get any updates. You use it to restore your config to factory or as a basis to modify from.
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