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  1. Change the wet belt asap if it’s not been done already.
  2. 100PS 5 speed or 125 PS 6 speed? The 5 speed doesn't tolerate remaps well.
  3. The notes I had were in German and translated so looking back I'm not 100% sure if it was a bad translation and if it is parking or aux heater. I'm sure I've seen both. Probably can see from asbuilt/forscan if it is fitted.
  4. There will be a fault logged. If you have access to a windows laptop grap a Vlinker FS and try Forscan.
  5. The issue with the climate being poor at heating is because Ford removed the auxilliary resistive heater early 2020 as a cost cutting measure.
  6. The Octavia is just a golf with a boot and Skoda badge though* *And better interior 😛
  7. It might be the wrong size phyiscally, but a larger battery as long as it is still EFB is completely fine electrically. You can program the car so that it better understands the capacity when you fit a larger battery, but at best it makes a few percent difference to the calculated SoC for the Stop/Start. The voltage is exactly the same regardless of capacity. The AA shouldn't fit a battery that doesn't physically fit, but just in terms of capacity, that will cause no issues.
  8. If it’s a 1.0 then wet belt is due next year. £1500 ish to change. Low mileage if anything is worse for the wet belt as it could mean the engine rarely got hot enough.
  9. Cost about £600 for my rear bumper to be repaired and re sprayed (including the black trim part) if you can get away with just the blue parts it should be less. They have to do the whole bumper if it’s a proper job.
  10. I’ve bought mine from eBay. Maybe the fakes are better than the genuine ones. 😄
  11. Probably a lot of fakes around too.
  12. That’s about the oil pump belt. Not the wet cam belt though.
  13. I’ve had Bosch on mine for about 3.5 years now not had any issues. The OEM ones squeaked from factory.
  14. I got Bosch A089S for mine.
  15. alexp999

    Dash cams

    I mean around the 12v socket, mine is hardwired, you don't see any wiring, plugs or sockets other than the bit coming down from the headliner and it keeps the 12v socket free for other things.
  16. It shouldn't be possible to brick the APIM during a normal update, the system updates between two partitions, so even if it was interupted it should have the old system partition to boot from. I wonder if the NAND has just died during writing.
  17. Cyanlabs software can’t help you unbrick an APIM. It can only help you with updating or downgrading software. The system has to be able to read the usb and install the files off it. I would try Forscan and see if the firmware of the apim is still communicating on canbus.
  18. alexp999

    Dash cams

    Most people who hardwire do it to hide the wiring.
  19. Even when Ford do release map updates they are always from 12 months earlier. If you want up to date maps then use CarPlay or android auto.
  20. 1.0 or 1.6? How long have you had the car, has it always done this or used to be ok and started recently?
  21. On Sync 3 it is wired only. But it still connects via Bluetooth. USB is used for the video and audio feed. Have you got another USB port in your car you can try OP?
  22. It was an optional extra in 2012 and standard only on some trim levels. But you should be able to turn it on with Forscan if it’s not included. I did on my mums 2012 Focus.
  23. How old is it? Have you got another you can try? Have you got a friend or family member you can see if their phone is ok?
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