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    Mondeo Ghia X 2.2 TDCi with ALL the toys
  1. Happy Birthday Tdci Si!

  2. Does anyone know what Amp rating the alternator is on a 2006 Mondeo Ghia X 2.2 TDCi?
  3. Tdci Si

    Question about 2006 Ghia X

    Thanks for the replies and the welcome guys I think the newer Focus, mondeos & S-Max etc that have xenons have a lever that needs to be moved that is located on the back of each headlight unit. I'll have a look when i get it on Monday :D
  4. I have just left a deposit for a 2.2 TDCI Mondeo Ghia X with ALL the toys including Air conditioned seats !!!!! Anyway, my questions are 1. Can the xenons be adjusted for left and right hand drive? I know they have on the later models. Hopefully the answer will be yes and hopefully someone can tell me how 2. What size speakers are in the doors, are they 6.5 inch? Thanks