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  1. will take a look. i have googled the two colours and they both look identical
  2. I have a Fiesta 1.3 Endura 2000 in RED. I need to get some paint to touch it up, I'm not sure what shade of red it is. I think it could be Colarado Red, or radiant red...according to the criteria on the halfords paint things. Is there anyway I can find out? Cheers
  3. Hi... any help gratefully received. When the car is stationery at traffic, there is a strong burning smell, thing it could be the clutch. There is no problems getting any gears but its the only thing i can think off. could this just be a stickly clutch cable.
  4. Hi, I have just bought a fiesta MK5 for a good price, 2000 plate with only 60k miles for my son. It has two problems, 1) The drivers door lock, locks fine with the key, but wont open - they key just wont turn the other way... I have sprayed with WD40 and even started to take the inner door off to take alook but couldnt get it off.... wasnt sure how you got the window winder off. Any ideas what could be wrong with it? 2) The car has no heater, it worked slightly but the thermostat valve leaked so i put new thermostat in and gasket blead the system, now I have no heater at all. - have tried the old thermostat blead it god knows how many times, and nothing. been a month now so now so self bleeding aint helped it. Could it be the heater control valve thing ( under the window) ? also what its proper name. Any help much appreciated, son off to uni so want it to be right for him. Cheers