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  1. Fiesta 1.4LX Clutch Problems

    Got car back from local garage yesterday - they advise no problem at all with lower suspension arm or rubber. Also, no problem with tyre dealership claimed needed changing as being close to minimum. They have also put in thinner gear box oil to help my gear selection problem (when car cold couldn't select first gear) - done under warranty as they changed the clutch back in April. Dealership wanted to charge me exhorbitant amount of money to fix what wasn't broken - local garage charged me £28.49 to replace my brake fluid. RESULT!!
  2. Fiesta 1.4LX Clutch Problems

    Would you believe my car passed it's MOT with no problems!!! Getting another garage to check out what Dagenham Motors claimed needed doing.
  3. In April of this year my clutch failed and had to be recovered by RAC. They told me hydraulic clutch gone. 53 Reg. manual. Had car collected by local garage and they replaced clutch and also master cylinder. Since then have had trouble selecting first and reverse gears when cold. Took it back to garage who said they had found two problems with gear selection - had corrected first gear but reverse crunched every time. They said if problem persisted after a month to take it to Ford dealer. Have today taken car to Dagenham Motors for service and MOT. They have phoned me to say need new tyre (budget tyre for £41) offside suspension arm moving (rubber split) £168 and also, leaking gear box oil on the driveshaft. Total bill £400 plus, following £604 for clutch in April at other garage!!!!! Am I correct in thinking that the gear box had to be removed to replace the clutch? If this is the case then I feel the gear box leak, etc. will be down to first garage - I hope. Does a split rubber on the suspension arm cost £168 to replace or am I being seen off? I have told them to put it in for its MOT and see if it fails. PLEASE HELP URGENTLY. Thank you so much someone who knows anything about cars.