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  1. Wiring Diagram

    Theres another one? im clicking onto the s max owners icon to get to this one??????
  2. How To Remove Radio?

    thanks a lot for that i will have a look and see what i find, at one time it was simple lol thanks again john
  3. Wiring Diagram

    hi does anybody have a wiring diagram for the o/s wing mirror for a 59 reg ford s max? thanks a lot john
  4. How To Remove Radio?

    hi does anybody have instuctions on how to remove the 59 reg s max radio because i need to get the serial number to get the code lol thanks a lot john
  5. hi i am having problems with my wipers and have started a topic on here about this problem it all seems to point to the alarm sounder under the n/s wheel arch i want to replace this my self can i buy one and plug it in? i have been told i would need a code to do this? if this is true how do i get the code? can someone get me the code? is there any way of testing the sounder to see if it is that? i have removed the sounder from the s max and the wipers still dont work and the sounder never went off is this correct? any help would be great john
  6. Front Wheel Bearing Number

    hi stef thanks for your question yes i am looking to replace a wheel bearing but dont want to pay a stupid price of £175 from ford all bearings have a number running along the edge of it, with this number you can phone places that suply bearings and get the same one for a lot less hope this helps you john
  7. hi i need to find the bearing identification number for the front wheels of my 59 reg s max, if anyone knows it that would be great thank you john
  8. Wiper Problem

    SORRY ALL NOT FIXED !!! i took the fuse out on the night and wipers worked no problems woke up in the morning and they had stopped again don’t know why and the car was saying alarm service required so i am still stuck with no wipers i have taken the alarm sounder off the car which is under the n/s front wing its just a metal box and put it on a radiator to get any water out of it so i shall stick it back on and see what happens but the funniest thing happened last night the alarm was going off on my car strange because i have taken the sounder off? so the alarm is using the car horn as the alarm horn? if any one can point me in the right dirrection that would be great
  9. Wiper Problem

  10. Wiper Problem

    hi thanks for your input i had my car diagnosed and the error code was b1131 wiper motor control module missing message so i called ford and they told me to replace the driver side front wiper motor because this was the problem so i did my motor came today so i have put it on and it still dont work !!!! so reading your post it might be something to do with the alarm but my alarm is not going off? any help would be great i thought me had tech guys on this site?
  11. Wiper Problem

    hi the only thing i can find in the hand book about front wipers is F22 and its a 30 amp wiper modual it looks like a square block with if there is a fuse for it then let me know thanks for your reply
  12. Wiper Problem

    hi all i have a problem with my 59 reg s max my front wipers have stopped working i have checked the wiper modual under the bonet F22 and swaped it with another one and that dont work cant find any relay for it? rear wipers work and front windscreen washers but no wipers any idea what it could be and how to test? thanks a lot john
  13. Caster Camber And Toe

    hi I have had my car checked at my local garage for the wheel alignment they used hunter hawk eye to do this, my front caster was out a bit and my camber on the back was out, could you tell me what parts ie lower arm track rod ends and suspension can be affecting this and how to test and correct this problem? On the sub frame there are rubber bushes what affect on the car can this have if they are worn? How do you test for DAMAGE on front suspension? thanks a lot john p.s. some of my toe is out aswell lol
  14. hi i have an s max 59 reg and i have replaced the sub frame as it was bent in a accident, i think i need to align the lower arms but don't know how to do this, there must be some way of doing this because if you loosen the 2 pinch bolts on the rear of the arm, where the anti roll bar bush is the arm can be moved which moves the caster ? so how do i line it back up again ?? and just a quicky is the anti roll bar the same as a ford focus 02 reg onwards does this have an angle or height it needs to be set at ??? there are no Haynes manual out for this vehicle i wonder why ??? thanks a lot for any help you can give john