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  1. Fiestal Mk6 Rust

    When you say "Underneath the spare wheel well" is this metal part of the part wheel tray or actually part of the metal of the body? The w4nk3rs did'nt bother to underseal under the boot of the car at all (above the spare wheel tray) on mine (MK4) dunno if this is similar on a MK6 - which is radically different to a MK4. As they say in Germany 'Ford, deigned with rust in mind'
  2. Im intrigued by this dimming mirror thing, how does it work? Does it move the mirror to compensate for bright lights or something?
  3. It's 1 GB, but you could probably fettle in a more substantial gigabytage drive
  4. Im currently disassembling the rear brakes on the MK4 Fez, with a view to replacing the shoes (reluctantly as they have a good amount of padding on them) and more importantly the offside cylinder (which has p155ed brake fluid everywhere in the drum and made a right old mess in there.). :o After visiting a well known national MOT place with a name which sounds like Quick-spit (and reputedly service to match), and being quoted £180 :( for the job, I decided to hedge my bets and attempt to DIM (do it me'sen). With a quote for the parts from a local motorfactor pricing up at £8.00+Vat (about £10) for the wheel cylinder and £16+Vat (about £19) for the shoes, the job should cost around £25 - we have some Dot 4 in stock already and this defo needs replacing. Atleast if I DIM, i know it's been done badly, therefore no guessing and surprises. First a picture of what it should look like on both sides when reassembled (picture taken on near side pre disassembly - which is not full of brake fluid and muck) : This is for anyone who forgot to take pictures before they started and needs a point of reference other than the miserable pictures in their Haynes manual. Those retaining clips you see in the first photo, have to be removed first, according to Haynes this is done with pliers, I gave up on that idea and elected to use something else to compress the clip in a bit and a screwdriver to lever it off the retaining pin. This worked a treat on both shoes. I also got both shoes off together - sort of unintentionally, but this enabled me to get them to the bench to deal with (and document the positions of) all the springs which worked out better. This is what the brake shoes from the drivers side looked like when they were taken to the bench: Notice all the filth around it, like a muddy oil, with hairy shards of metal in it - this photo was taken as a reminder of where and which way round each spring goes. Also, notice the 'Adjuster Strut' and its position, which according to haynes is important, it is supposed to be a ratchet, but on mine the round part does not spin in either direction - maybe its just buggered. This is what was left behind on the car: Ignore the white thing, that is just blue paper (hard, not fibrous kitchen roll) wrapped around the sub axel and held in place with a fat sellotape tube to protect the stub axel from the gunk, rust particles and the brush used to dislodge them. The cheapy yellow screwdriver (you may have noticed it in other pictures) is your assistant for removing springs without putting holes in your fingers!: Thats about it for now, I need to purchase some brake cleaner from somewhere to make a good job of the cleanup before buying the new parts from the motorfactor's shop, I'm going to ring Ford tomorrow for a laugh to see how much they charge for the genuine Motorcraft parts. Motaquip, Motorcraft - whats the difference; the price is!
  5. Horrible Noise Coming From Drum Brake !!

    drum brakes are evil
  6. Timing Belt

    £250 was the garage name P.I.Staker?
  7. 1961 Anglia Restoration From South-Africa.....

    Nice pictures pal. Did Ford make those Anglias in SA or were they imported?
  8. Probably teething problems with the new model, you might have one of the first built, they often sit at the ports for ages in storage before delivery to dealers (months if that spec is not ordered)
  9. Rusting Arches

    Jees a Mk2, has it been scratched (and covered with a wet carpet) - im p'd off at my Dec 1995 mk4 fezza for being a 'Rusty Horrorshow', you must be livid. What about the perforation warranty or is it as much of a joke as their underseal (which serves as proof that Germans - especially designers at Ford-Werke Koln - have got a sense of humour.).