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  1. how does the alternator mounting bracket come of on the mk2
  2. Cylinder Head

    both engines are chba my 2001 and the 2005
  3. Cylinder Head

    the first photo is the silver top duratec he pre face lift . the second one is a black top duratec he face lift
  4. Cylinder Head

    the pre face lift duratec he had a silver cam cover. the face lift duratec he had a black cam cover ' i know the changed the inlet manifold on the face lift and it had a bigger clutch, and the fly wheel was changed
  5. Cylinder Head

    can any one help one can i put a pre face lift cylinder head( 2001) on a face lift engine old silver top onto a black top its a 1.8.and how hard are they to change. was having new engine fitted to day and as he went to start it for the first time he said it was making a racket when he looked one of the bolts was loose so the timing was out the engine was sold to me as a good clean engine but it looks like some one had loosened one of the bolt its a mk3 mondeo
  6. Replacement Engine

    its a mk3
  7. need to replace my engine my one blue smoke burning oil its a 2001 mk3 1.8 can i put a 1.8 from a 2005 in and is it a strait swap
  8. i found this on my car i think as i top up my oil some spills over {sods law as you pour in the oil the wind blows and it goes everywhere}
  9. Air Con

    i have a hole in my condenser( had the dye put in)is it best to change the receiver drier as well and if so how do you get the pipes of the drier. its a mk2 mondeo x reg 1.8
  10. Rev Counter

    is it possible to fit a rev counter to a 96 mondeo it only has a speedometer
  11. Oil Switch

    ok i found it it,s next to the oil filter
  12. Oil Switch

    can anyone tell me were the oil switch is on a mk1 mondeo 1.6 n reg i cant find it.the only thing i can c is to the right of the dip stick and this is held in with one bolt and looks nothing like the oil switch i just got from the shop
  13. Remote Central Locking

    the central locking is ok just wanted to no if it came with the key with the buttons on so you can lock the doors remotely
  14. hi can anyone tell me if the 1996 1.6 aspen came with remote central locking i have 2 keys but they are the normal keys not the ones with the buttons on. i can lock and unlock all the doors with the key in the drivers door. if not were is the central locking unit so i can install a after market central locking unit any help thanks
  15. Oil Switch

    my brother gave me his mk1 mondeo 1996 aspen the oil light does not come on when the key is first turned ie the air bag light comes on the battery light comes on but no oil light, bulb is ok could it be the oil switch