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  1. Zetec S footwell lighting

    Thanks mate :)
  2. Bluetooth

    Did you get this problem fixed? I experienced similar things with my sony X10 and gave up on the car system and bought a jawbone. I do like that i can scroll through my phonebook via the fiesta head unit tho, a feature not found on other cars ive used.
  3. I also agree with other members, and would shy away from attempting to remove the ford badge from the steering wheel.
  4. There are pictures to be found on the forum of these overlays on the steering wheel badge. They dont look as nice as the exterior ones but still look good :)
  5. Gel badge overlays

    Anyone got any pics yet of the overlays for the wheels?
  6. Zetec S footwell lighting

    I might take those bulbs... just need to go check if I have the sockets. So as already requested - can those of you who have the socets and wiring please state whether you have any additionals such as climate control etc?
  7. Ford mobile navigation and Nokia N97

    I'm not sure what this is? I am disappointed not to see my sony Xperia X10 on the list of compatibles yet my old sony C905 is there.
  8. Bodykit For New Fiesta

    PS - If you havent gathered already, I like the front bumper grill and think it looks great with the body kit and the chrome fog light surrounds. I've swapped my sports grill and fog light surrounds for the zetec chrome detailing ones however i think this new grill would much more suit it. Thanks to the OP for posting pictures :)
  9. Bodykit For New Fiesta

    ... Oh and did ou say that the front bumper grill in the original post is the standard grill for the fiesta in Malaysia? If you can supply this ltme know how much Thankyou!
  10. Bodykit For New Fiesta

    Kitman: The front bumper kit looks very much like the ones we have over here on the UK editions of the car. I cannot be sure tho so dont quote me on that. Not so sure about the side skirts.
  11. My New Zs

    I've just seen a pic of the gel overlays you have and think they look sweet, would definitely keep them! Sounds like you have big plans for your fiesta, goodluck with it all and if you have anything done yetn please post some pic's :)
  12. My White & Chrome Dmb Overlays

    I know I'm a bit late but hey... I think they look very VERY good! Steering wheel doesnt look as good as the others but i'd still keep it on there, im guessing its not as flourescent as the picture in normal daylight. I'll have to get some of these myself, i'd have to go with the black and chrome to suit the rest of my fiesta - thats if they do that combination.
  13. @Sparticus Thanks for your feedback, its appreciated! I too shared your view point with the whole cat-d issue. I purchased the car from a bodyshop owner who has a contract with Ford to do their insurance repairs. What he told me (i am aware this could have been a lie)... He said that every now and again he gets these cheap fiesta's from the Ford garage he has a contract with. He said the history of the car is something along the lines of they were sold to people and the people took out "a type of insurance" that allows the purchasers to return the car to the garage if they have an accident within the first year and take home a new one. I'm assuming this is some sort of gap insurance... im uneducated so please anyone feel free to enlighten me. The guy didnt seem to know alot either, he said he gets them dirt cheap, does the repairs and makes his money - he didnt seem dodgy (i know that means nothing) He then procedes to say that in order for Ford to receive the car and issue a new one the car must be categorised... or so he thinks cos his repairs rarely exceed £1.5k if were to be priced. (ive read similar things on the net - but again who knows) I confirmed that there was no chasis damage, however this too could have also been a lie. He had another 2 fiesta's in which had no work done to them yet, one had front bumper wrecked and slight bonnect damage ONLY, very minor and yet was also registered at cat-d. SO... is there anyway for me diagnose work that has been done to this vehicle? if so where do i go and how much will it cost? The fiesta was the cheapest 1yr old less than 10k miles mk7 on autotrader... any edition! So with the body kit and wheels i thought it was a bargain! - your link doesnt take me to a direct car. Thankyou for info on the ETIS, im swapping my insurance company friday so will let the new company know - hope it doesnt cost stupid amounts more!
  14. @cyb - Thanks :) Still have to get it checked out tho, only bit of info I've found was someone saying they had their air-con re-gassed which solved a similar problem, think it was in a mk6. I hope all this checking isnt going to cost alot... do Ford offer a full check-up type service that would give me all the answers I need? Any idea how much it costs anyone?
  15. Exterior Chrome Bits

    Has anyone had experience with those stick on chrome extra's like the wing mirror's or door handles? I'm considering trying them out providing the product is up to quality, weather-proof and it doesnt look obvious.