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  1. I have a 58 plate zetec and it has the standard radio and single slot CD, could i swap this for a DAB unit without any other changes? Thanks
  2. i ahve one of the ford flip out key/fob all in one job. i can see thats its full of grime from work and i want to split it and clean it but i cant get it to split, anyone know how to do it? Thanks
  3. Help - Noisey Stretch Belt

    ok thanks Dan. I hope i dont have to remove the engine mount but seeing how tightly packed everything is between the chassis rail and engine on the drivers side it wouldnt surprise me. i shall give it a go in the next week or so and hopefully get it sorted without much fuss. thanks again
  4. i have a 2008 (58) plate focus 2.0l zetec. the stretch belt has been squeeking when cold for a month or two now so i need to get it swapped. any hints or tips on the quickest and easiest way to do it???? Thanks
  5. not sure about the battery thing but the dimmer is only fitted to ghia/titanium's and st as far as i know
  6. Water Leak In Focus Ii 2007

    could be big, any puddles under car? if not then your best hope is an air lock thats released.
  7. Strange Beep

    i only have a zetec, the car beeps and an orange snow flake appears on my rec counter turning to red if the temp drops below 2
  8. Accelerator Lag

    i have a 2l manual on a 58 plate and i have a lag also. no lurching and its not dangerous but when you accelerate or drop off it takes a second or two to catch up. quite annoying when im used to driving older cars with good old cable's
  9. what kind of mileage do you do and whats your style of driving? do you do the 30 second rule for the turbo when you start and stop? ( i work for Cummins Turbo technologies so know a little about how they work lol )
  10. Focus Fascia To Replace Oval Facelift Stereo

    should think it will fit both
  11. Car Judders?

    definatly a worn engine mount somewhere, by the sounds of it though you have ignition, fueling or sensor issues too.
  12. Yorkshire Meet

    any meets?
  13. Focus Dab Radio....

    reception depends on where you are really and what radio it is. i use a pure one and its pretty good to say all my driving is in the pennines which is about as technologically backward as you can get lol
  14. Rear Washer Jet

    as far as i know there is usually just the one in the base of the the water tank but i could be wrong. never come across a car with 2 to be honest
  15. Rear Washer Jet

    ^^^exactly what i do for the same reason lol