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  1. hi guys,i need to take my front shock(strut)off on my 1998 2.3 galaxy,to change the top rubbers,but the nut on the top is realy rusty∧ the allen key bit on top is rounded off?im going to order a new set of shocks,so i just need to find away to get the old ones off. any help would be great.
  2. im havin problems with my 2.3 galaxy glx,ive had it a week,its run great apart from twice it wouldnt start,i think its something to do with the imobeliser,the 1st time it wouldnt start for about anhour,i kept locking and unlocking the doors,kept turning it over,then had to get some jump leads on the car then it started,its been fine for 3 days then this morning it started for a second or 2,then died,and wouldnt start because the the imobeliser wouldnt turn off,when i turned the key the car turned over but wouldnt start,then i noticed a clicking noise,coming from the left of the fuse box below the steering wheel,i banged the outer caseing of where the clicking noise was comeing from then the car started?