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  1. Happy Birthday insane clown!

  2. Just Bought 02 Tddi..... Got Probs :(

    it seems the water is coming from egr cooler, and drips down turbo and exhaust.... when hot you can't see it obviously, but my main problem is that the cooler has shot inside, leaking straight in to intake.. it's due to be stripped down too sort it. and get a report on what else could be wrong,... time is my problem too!! ..... what sort of probs were you getting mate?... use Private Message if you like so the thread don't get too long ;)
  3. Just Bought 02 Tddi..... Got Probs :(

    firstly thanks again for peeps concerns, 2nd, i have 30 days warrenty, 3rd i'm getting a engineers report on it soon as, i've now put the car up, and getting it inspected, 4th you don't know me so don't even suspect i'm being 'thick!', 5th.......you don't honestly think i'd let someone get away with this?.... even if there was no act protecting the buyer i'd still see that the proper actions are taken..... more than one way to skin a cat, .... my last focus got wrote off, uninsured, drunk, ran from scene, speeding, total of 7 charges... i'd lost the car, but still got payout and him 2 years... come on!...have a bit of faith, i'm working lots of hours, do a bit at a time, ain't no mug chaps.... i've read the link to rights ect... intresting cheers, i know i have a battle on my hands, amongst others at mo, the 'dealer' was in romford, not main dealer, just a place where he'll take n px and clean them up, he has lied to me, which i've noted in my 'follow up' it was a cheap car £1575, and found no probs as i said in the first visit, it did queue up in a jam for 2 hours no probs...it did do 80mph no probs.... untill...ect ect... i always have 2 cars... my missus is partialy disabled and i don't risk nothing... it's a very expensive life at mo.. and don't get much help... hence i'm working up to 70 hours a week.. i really don't want to go into detail about prblems if you know what i mean... i'm just an unlucky guy at mo. trying to get by and help the missus... and our 3 jack russells who at the mo don't enjoy sitting in a ford KA :( ... my reason for getting another estate ..and hopfully we get all clear to have kids... no good in a ford KA or the impreza i just got rid of.... finished :D
  4. Just Bought 02 Tddi..... Got Probs :(

    appreciate the concerns, the position i'm in at mo, can't proove the car was faulty when purchased, the car was fine when i tested it for 90 mins, fluid check, visual, road test and rechecked.... another road test on london bound A12 no probs, car is very clean, full service hitory well maintained by the looks, no history admmitadly for last 30k or so, this was second owner. now on 158k gaskets just look very new, looks like new water pump, The problem only surfaced while driving home after been stuck in traffic jam for 2 hours, no overheat...nothing, i stopped for fuel in that time too, but 45 mins on A12 outside lane 70/80 mph it just went wrong, I also have a leaky pipe, so alot of water loss here, and 10 mins of steam from zoorst,... then fine. i'm not getting much time to get on top of it, coz of work, but trust me if foul play is evident i'm the worse one to try it on, won't get away with it.
  5. Just Bought 02 Tddi..... Got Probs :(

    ***UPDATE*** had the sniffer test thingy today, the blue fluid on to the expansion tank..... never changed colour!... ever so slight minute bubbles though, but then stopped,.... so turned thoughts more to egr valve cooler, makes sense really now, oil in sump is fine, oil cap has a bit of gunk, but all it's gonna do is recirculate water through the intake and back through the turbo ect..? any ideas on replacing these, cheapest,easiest to deal with ect... cheers, mark
  6. Just Bought 02 Tddi..... Got Probs :(

    thanks for advise guys, it's using about 3-5 litres of water per 30min drive, it don't really smoke, slight bluey when i get the 'steam' when driving at normal temp, it hasn't gone above half way on gauge, i don't get the steam for long, once its gone the car is pretty normal, turbo feels like it pulls ok, not driving it 'mad' ...it's getting me to work fine, just top it up, no hesitation or flat spots. starts fine now i put new battery on!..there is a nut missing on turbo, i can see liquid in the hole bubbling when hot, seems the gasket is knackered? .. the engine i think has been out before, all new gasket seals, sump, head, water pump ect... i'm getting more creamy deposit in the oil cap now. could this be a faulty leaking oil cooler? ... car had not been serviced for a very long time, air filter was shot, air temp senser in air box was very dirty, ...i just want to get everything off and looked at, i have'nt got time yet..and yes the sniffer thing, just waiting,
  7. hi all, name is mark, from ramsey near harwich essex, just bought albeit with problems, my second focus. started life on the road with an S reg fiesta 950cc!... then a 2dr mk2 escort... nice and low and loud!!!... 14 years later i'm with my latest focus, the same as my last (which got written off (long story).... TDdi estate,. was a st lookylikey, this one plain white and standard..... on a 02 plate, 2 owners, spotless. apart from engine probs on way back home after picking it up,.. anyway... normaly i'm driving imprezas, love them, just sold my classic wrx after a year, (had one before i bought my first focus..spent 10k on her) this one i bought as a project while i had the last focus, but while the focus was in a layby opposite, it got hit at 70mph by uninsured drink driver, i have pictures, actualy lucky he hit my car or he would of hit a telegragh pole and prob died, he just clipped it, the impact ripped the nsf wheel and complete hub off his ford thunder,(dads company vehicle) he continude sliding on 3 wheels and laid to rest on a drive 12" from a front door.. another 100yards away....he ran so then...smashed focus...lost a lot of money on that.. got paid out through claims, then got impreza on road, this then went pop just before last xmas..... no car... had to buy a ford KA2 which i still have.... got scoob back on road in june £3k in bills,.... and just sold it. bought this white tddi estate.... with probs as mentioned :( ... lovely car but think i have a cracked turbo.... thats my story, ...have a fiancee, 3 jack russells .... thats why i need an estate :) mark
  8. Just Bought 02 Tddi..... Got Probs :(

    cheers for replys, took it to work today, 15 mile... nothing amiss, all seemed normal, no overheat, no smoke ect ect...... battery light still off, pulled up and checked water, it had used about half litre, and steam was coming out of exhaust when restarted. quite sooty vapour, soon realised there was a leak, see it dripping, back of engine, revved car up and a bit of black water come out of exhaust, i know the dealer jet washed every part of the car so maybe water in exhaust? the ammount coming out of exhaust was not from the header tank,.. but the ammount that had leaked.. anyway got home and got it on ramps, i found a loosly fixed pipe before so i checked it out, all i found was water dripping off the turbo houseing, ARE THESE WATER COOLED TURBOS? .. also has oil leak .. thinking.. craked turbo?... water getting into exhaust system and giving the sooty deposit,? also on way home after 10 mins driving started to get quite a bit of steam out the back, another ten mins later it had all gone, sweet as a nut, someone else said thermostat too, waiting for his kit to check for exhaust gases in coolant mark
  9. Just Bought 02 Tddi..... Got Probs :(

    in plastic expansion tank to the left .
  10. hi all!... my first post.. just bought an 02 tddi estate, had one last year but got written off (long story) tested the car last week, couldn't find any probs.... picked it up today in romford, didn't get far coz the A12 was shut, noticed while waiting that the battery light was on, (the battery was very slow to turn the engine and had a red glow through the 'window' on battery,) didn't worry coz i kept my old battery,... spent 2 hours in slow traffic..as you do... got diverted and eventualy on to the A12 again, had no probs apart from the battery light, .. traffic was tight so slow and fast all the way, 30mins from home (harwich) she out of the blue cut out,... still had electrics, so i put hazards on and drifted in to slow lane ... just about to pull on to layby when it came to life and went on!... so kept going..then noticed the battery light was off!... but temp gauge shot up...... if i slowed down the temp went down too?!.. i was doing about 80 when it happened, ... got home and turned her off, she was hot but no burning smell... i slightly undone the expansion tank, and it was pressurised, and gurgled as the air escaped, eventualy it stpped and i took the cap off, ...... inside has a slight sooty feel, not oil as such and there is no gunk in oil cap, i topped it up with water.. a few litres... and kept her running as i did so... (battery still no better and now the light has come back on) all seemed ok untill i revved it up to about 2k... it pushed a bit of water out the tank, ...i turned off and sulked...... thinking headgasket?!... there was no loss in powwer throughout the journey, no excess smoke, just a tad when overtaking as usaul,... a bit confused and peeed off as i just sold my !Removed! impreza which was spot on!!!!... any ideas folks..sorry about the essay... but want some things to think about before i phone the dealer tomorrow. mark