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  1. How many have you owned ?

    A few Fords over the years ... 1978 Capri Mk I 1.6 L (the boy racer years !!) 1980 Capri Mk I 2.0 GT V4 1981 Capri Mk II 2.0 S 1983 Cortina Mk II 2.0 Ghia 1985 Orion 1.6 Ghia (my first new car ...) 1987 Sierra 2.0 Si Hatchback (first of the company car era ...) 1990 Sierra 2.0 GLS Hatchback 1993 Mondeo Mk I 1.8 GLX (last of the company cars ...) 1996 Mondeo Mk I 2.5 Ghia X (with ST24 body kit) (my first V6 !!) 2000 Focus Mk I 1.8 GLX (wife’s car) 1999 Mondeo Mk II 2.5 Ghia X (first of the Ford Direct cars, great deals but limited choice ...) 2002 Mondeo Mk II 2.5 Ghia X 2003 Focus 2.0 Ghia (wife’s car) 2004 Mondeo Mk II 2.5 Ghia X 2005 Mondeo Mk II 3.0 ST220 (my first Internet purchase, all the optional extras, the best of the lot by far, don’t want to get rid of it!) 2006 Fiesta 1.6 Zetec S (wife’s car) 2012 Mondeo Mk III 2.0 Titanium X Sport (240 PS) on order … (wish there was a V6 option) Kid’s Cars … Fiesta Mk III 1.3 LX Fiesta Mk IV 1.3 LX Focus Mk I 1.6 ST Focus Mk 1 2.0 RS (a beast to drive !!)
  2. Sony Cd "cd Error"

    Hi, The Sony 6 CD player in my ST220 says "CD Error" whenever I try to play/unload/select a CD. Does anyone have any idea how I might a) diagnose the problem, B) fix the problem, and c) retrieve my CDs ?? Alternatively, can anyone recommend a decent repairer in the Somerset area ?? My local Ford dealer doesn't have much of a clue, and I don't really want to pay them to send it off for repair or buy a replacement unit. Many thanks ...