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  1. Ford Warranty... Sigh

    i think there are two issues here, the fuel cap and the steering wheel. After 12m and 9,000 miles I am unsure why your steering wheel has worn like this - mine hasn't and is a 2010 with 14,000 on the clock, so wonder if there is some reason why it has worn, maybe a reaction to something worn? As for the fuel cap this IS clearly a warranty item, mine stuck and they simply lubricated it and it has been fine.
  2. Couple Of Pics Of My Fiesta Titanium

    ooh, really nice look, now I can see the improvement.
  3. Couple Of Pics Of My Fiesta Titanium

    Sorry, what have you done to those light bulbs - are they LED or some other type? I was considering upgrading my headlight bulbs to Phillips Xtreme Powerplus ones which come top in Auto Express tests (£20 for 2)
  4. I have a Titanium, and have repeatedly moved an after-market horn from car to car, and now it comes to fitting in into my lovely new shiny Titanium. My first is a note, my second a question. First - the horn is pitiful and not very loud - BUT the daftest thing is where it is located. I was looking for it so I could work out which wire to connect to etc, and it isn't even pointing towards an outside area. It's located on the left of the engine bay (as viewed from the front) above where the spotlight housing is - quite useless in location. I suspect it'd be much louder if located near the grille somewhere (all they had to do is make a cutout. Second - is the question - is the horn earth activated or positive activated? I know it has 2 wires and apparently if you connect a test bulb (which I don't have) and either wire lights up then its positive activated, if neither lights up then its earth activated. If I can find the answer from someone who is technically minded, then it'll save me the outlay for a test light or a multimeter. NB It's on a Mk7 2010 Fiesta.