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  1. Help Needed Installing Wing Mirror

    Just take the corner plastic window panel off its just clipped on and all the connectors and wires are located there. Don't drop the rubber seal down the inside of the door!!!
  2. Broken Wing Mirror Cover

    I got one from my local scrappy cost about £40ish dead easy to change.
  3. Yet Another Dpf Problem!!!

    Ok thanks for your time Catch, I did think that it was foooooked and have come to the conclusion that i will need a new one. I have been looking around on the net and the price going is about £270ish. That plus fitting I reckon on the mean side of £500 for a new and fitted one. I have had a look at the thread started by Hawker earlier and going from that I thought it was knackered!!! Thanks all the same, so its going to have to sit idle for a few months now oh well
  4. Yet Another Dpf Problem!!!

    Catch, I do apologize about my use of the English language as such!!! How about this? If I increase the revs to 3.5k and continue maintaining this for approximately 15 - 20 minutes would this burn off the clogged soot that has accumulated in the DPF filter?
  5. Yet Another Dpf Problem!!!

    If I needed a new DPF where would be the best place to get one? Can it be fitted by any mechanic or does it have to be ford?
  6. Yet Another Dpf Problem!!!

    If I rev the bajesus out of the car would that regen the DPF, burn off the soot and will the warning lights go out?
  7. Yet Another Dpf Problem!!!

    I have done 99k and ford had it in the shop in october to fill the "goop tank" as it was bone dry "DPF service". Do you think it needs a replacement dpf filter and an oil/filter change?
  8. Do you have to fill up for the additive to be added or can you just put as much as you like in and it will add it?
  9. Yet Another Dpf Problem!!!

    Hi all yes another DPF question!!! Having broken down in London I had two RAC guys looking at my car and trying to get it working again (fat chance I here you shout). Well yes With two engine lights on, one of the guys says that maybe I have the wrong oil in it and its burning to much soot thats clogging the filter. Can this be true?
  10. Dpf Removal

    Thanks for that didnt see the price to start with Mine is parked up at the moment with two engine lights on stuck in limp mode
  11. Dpf Removal

    How much does this cost?
  12. Fitting Fogs And Switch

    Hi I want to fit front fogs to my 55 reg LX. Is it easy? Obviously I will need a new switch for the fogs, how do I go about getting the old one off and attaching the new one? Is the wiring loom easy to sus out? Thanks all
  13. Steel Wheels Compatability

    Got some 5 spoke focus now will be fitting them monday when I have time. Thanks all ;)
  14. Steel Wheels Compatability

    Thanks for that. I was looking for Ford only wheels though.
  15. Steel Wheels Compatability

    Thanks for the info. Also would a mondeo alloy fit on a focus?