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  1. Air Con

    thanks good infomation supplied. i will certainly be using air con /demisting function effectively from now on.
  2. Air Con

  3. Air Con

    thanks for the feedback, I have been avoiding using the air con to demist the windscreen but now i know it removes moisture I will leave it on. i am still not sure if i have the a/c light on but the heat control turned up as well there is a conflict between heating and cooling or if the a/c works in a mode to dehumidify without cooling which would be ideal to demist ( ie heat with dehumidify). the manual says the air con doesn't come on below 4 degrees i have a manual control for the air con not automatic. any comments please?
  4. Air Con

    On my 2 year old fiesta when I switch the heater to the window direction (on heat setting) it automatically switches on the air con. Can any one tell me is this cooling the air (and working against the heat setting) or simply taking moisture out of the heated air? appreciate your advice.
  5. Bluetooth Phone Compatibility

    I have tried the samsung omnia 2 with my bluetooth.I was able to get the audio security code up in the display and so far i have been able to bond the phone with the audio. I can get the voice control storing phone numbers and working but the phone's, phone book has not loaded onto the cars audio. has anyone more detail on how to load the phone book or have I got a compatibilty issue.this phone does not get a mention on the ford website.
  6. Bluetooth Phone Compatibility

    Mogwai and Pukka thanks for the advice, Graham
  7. Bluetooth Phone Compatibility

    thanks for that fordpartsman. i cannot see the exact of either phone on there. would appreciate response from anyone that has used either phone. also on ford compatibility sight it talks of bluetooth compatibilty. presumably all bluetooth phones will connect or are they refering to an automatic connect rather than a manual search when entering the car? would appreciate if anybody can enlighten me!
  8. Bluetooth Phone Compatibility

    I am considering buying either a samsung omnia 2 or an HTC HD2 mobile phone. I have a new Fiesta with bluetooth on order, does anyone know if either of these phones are compatible? i would appreciate your response if anybody knows.