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  1. Footprints On My Bonnet...

    I left my friends house this morning and noticed some mud on my boonet.. didnt think anything of it until I got home and had a look... Someone seems to have used my bonnet to soften their fall when jumping over a fence and now I have a nice dent in my bonnet!!!!! Why are people so thick / disrespectful?
  2. Fiesta Zzetec S Footwell

    I also want to install these!!! I want them to come on at the same time as the interior light though as some people have wired them to stay on all of the time!!
  3. PLEASE Can someone post some more piks of the hole after its been cut????? THANKSSS!!!! :D
  4. Anti Hi-Jack Locking?

    Yeah I lock the doors most of the time just wondering if it can be set to automatic...
  5. Submarine Lights On Zs

    Oh ok.. I might give iit a go after I have fitted my sunglasses holder ;) Do all of the lights work on the new interior light taz? Even the map reading lights? :D
  6. Just found this post by Googleing Mk7 Sunglasses holder. I have just ordered one from Ebay so wondering if anyone has come accross any problems when doing their 'mod'? :D
  7. Submarine Lights On Zs

    Sounds like a bit of a mission to me! Where you from Taz777 you could always fit one for me!? hahahah!
  8. £185.98 To Have My Car Washed

    I got my rear bumper resprayed at Ford and they didnt even wash the car...!? Whats that about!? <_<
  9. Anti Hi-Jack Locking?

    Does anyone know if its possible to set the doors to lock automatically when you drive off? Most new cars have this as standard just wondering if its something that can be done? :D Let me know if you can helpp! Ta
  10. Submarine Lights On Zs

    Have you tried this yet? I really want this after I had it in a courtessy car!! I sure hope it works!!!
  11. Help Required

    I have just tried this on mine but it doesnt work... ? Anyone know why?
  12. Sprayed Plastics

    Is it easy to get the plastics off?? I really want to do thisss!!!!!
  13. Drivers Floor Mat....

    Hey, Does anyone else think that the Ford carpet mats are extremely poor quality? My drivers mat is all folded / ripped and is only on 15k.. Has anyone got after market mats that are thick and don't 'roll up'? :D let me know peeps! Ta
  14. Just Started!!!

    How do I make a signature :( I'm rubbish at this!!! Haha
  15. Car Judders When Pulling Away. Only When Cold?

    I think I will just leave it with ford.. Can't be botgered messing about with it I will let them sort it.. Make the most out of the warranty ;) Thanks though guys! :)