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  1. I've had my 2009 Mondeo 2.3 Petrol Auto for three years and it's been a fantastic car with virtually no problems at all with around 67,000 on the clock. Recently I've noticed that when immediately after I start the car the revs will drop down and sometimes the engine will stall. Restarting then requires a little footwork on the accelerator pedal to stop it happening again. The problem never occurs when the engine is cold, only after it has warmed up. I was wondering if anyone can suggest what may be wrong and if it's a quick easy fix then I'd be prepared to have a go myself. Failing that it may need to go to my local Ford independent who are always pretty efficient and very reasonably priced. Thanks in advance. Dave
  2. I currently have a 2009 Mondeo 2.3 Ghia Estate with a 'traditional' six speed auto box. The car is great but it's a bit big for what I now need, plus it does like a drink! I'm currently thinking about buying a smaller estate and the Focus Titanium is high up the list. Unfortunately I have to have an auto as my left knee isn't quite as good as it used to be. Any car I buy will be used which means I'll be probably be looking at one of the new models with model year 2011 onwards. The one thing that is holding me back though is the problem that some people have had with the Powershift gearbox and I suppose also the way that Ford dealers have then dealt with those problems. The last thing I want to do is buy a problem car and then have it off the road for weeks or months, even if it is covered by a warranty. I would therefore appreciate it if someone can update me with the current situation regarding the Powershift problem and perhaps advise if any models or model years are free of the problem. Thanks in advance David
  3. I wonder if anyone can please advise regarding a problem that has just appeared. My Mondeo Estate is a 2009 2.3 Petrol Auto Ghia and has only done 53k miles. It's a great car (apart from the MPG) and until now hasn't given me any trouble at all. The ventilation system is the clever digital climate control type with various buttons to press to control the fan speed and ventilation areas. Today when I tried to direct air to the windscreen I hear a clicking sound behind the dash. It clicked for about five times and then stopped. I tried switching this direction off and the clicking repeated itself. i also noticed that the air was still being directed to the windscreen, despite now supposedly being switched off. I tried a few more times and the problem remained. Fortunately the air is still being directed to the windscreen so I should not encounter any misting up problems while driving. Apart from that the car is fine and I'd really like to get this problem sorted providing it's not going to be a ridiculous cost to do so. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks David
  4. I'm hoping someone can help me. I generously spent all day in the hot sun cutting down some trees in my elderly parents garden. For someone with a dodgy back I did quite a good job and the garden is now full of branches, trunks etc! So, I'm about to go home and I put my hand in my pocket to get my car key out. Guess what. Yes, no key and the accompanying stomach wrenching that goes with that. Of course my dad would have taken me home to get the spare but the Mondeo was blocking him in! A £18 return taxi journey was therefore needed So, somewhere in that big garden is my car key and I'm not sure if will ever turn up. Bearing in mind that I've just proved that I can lose a key I definitely don't want to lose the other. I'm therefore looking for the best option to get another key. If anyone can advise me I'd be very grateful, especially if it doesn't involve being fleeced by the local Ford dealer. Thanks in advance. David
  5. Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec 2005 - Dashboard Problems

    Battery charged up, new plugs in, leads all cleaned. Did a Self Diagnostics and the needles went back to zero. Took the car for a drive and all seems fine. Not sure what gap is on the plugs but do they really need closing to 1mm. The car seemed to run fine.
  6. Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec 2005 - Dashboard Problems

    I managed to get the plugs out easily and have now got some new ones. Just about to fit them and then with a fully charged battery I'll see how things are.
  7. Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec 2005 - Dashboard Problems

    Thanks for that. A update. I did the diagnostic test and noticed that the 'gauge test' brought the two errant needles down a bit. I therefore repeated the test and got the needles their correct positions. I then took the car for a quick spin but then noticed the 'Engine Immobiliser' light was flashing quite rapidly so returned home. Unfortunately I tried to start the car again and the starter was very sluggish and it didn't fire up. I opened up the bonnet to disconnect the battery so I could charge it but noticed a lot of water in the plastic cover shrouding the spark plugs. After mopping that up I removed all the plugs and noticed they were very rusty. I suspect the problem is caused by the washer jets leaking back into the engine bay. I'm therefore going to get some more plugs this afternoon and hopefully with a full charge in the battery it may be okay. Fingers crossed as they say... It's obviously all very annoying as I had planned to have the car on Autotrader by now.
  8. Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec 2005 - Dashboard Problems

    Thanks for the speedy reply. I have got enough charge into the battery to restart the car so I'd be surprised if the battery is kaput. How do I access the self test menu? Afraid I've never needed to to this during my five years ownership as the car has been very reliable, right up the point where it has to be sold!
  9. Hi All I'm hoping someone can give me some advice. After five years of ownership circumstances have just forced me to buy another car, a Peugeot 307 SW. This means that I'm about to sell my beloved Ford Focus 2005 1.6 Zetec which has been great during the time I've had it. Yesterday I started cleaning it all up ready to photograph for Autotrader. Today, I tried to start it and the electrics were dead, not even enough power to run the radio. The battery is not that old so should be fine. I charged the battery up and it did then start up. The problem now though is that the speedometer needle has moved to about 50mph and the water temp gauge to hot even though the engine had just started. Turning the engine off left the needles in these positions. I even removed the battery terminals and the needles remained in their positions. This is obviously very annoying as I'm wanting to sell the car but I could be faced with an unexpected bill. I'd be very grateful therefore if anyone can advise what may be wrong or what action to take. Thanks in advance. David
  10. Focus Clutch Pedal Spring

    Managed to do it myself in the end. Pretty fiddly but by attaching the spring to the bulkhead I managed to then pull the other end, using some wire, enough to then hook onto the pedal.
  11. Focus Clutch Pedal Spring

    I wonder if anyone can please give some advice regarding my 05 Focus Mk2 (New shape) The spring that pulls the clutch pedal fully up has snapped. I've been told by the local Ford dealer and an independent garage that it is a 3 hour job to remove the pedal box to replace the spring. I've looked at other threads on here and seen that it is possible to do it yourself. This involves expanding the spring using a number of small coins spaced between the spring sections and then attaching it. Now I can see clearly where the spring attaches to the pedal however the location for the other end is rather more unknown. I found what I thought was the location but when I attached the spring it was still loose and not applying the right force to fully pull the pedal back up. This location was on the pedal mounting plate that is attached to the bulkhead. I think the location is on the chassis though? I wonder if anyone can therefore advise where the correct location point is so that I can have another attempt and hopefully manage to complete the job. Thanks in advance David
  12. Focus Fuel Gauge

    But the sender unti has just been replaced. The problem is still there.
  13. Focus Fuel Gauge

    I bought a Focus Zetec 1.6 petrol (new model) from JCT600 in Leeds just over a month ago. As soon as I got the car I realised the fuel gauge was not working correctly, with readings showing all over the place. To cut a long story short JCT600 have just replaced the fuel sender unit (under warranty) but the problem is still there. I filled up yesterday and the gauge went immediately to full. Today however the gauge shows various readings from 1/4 to 3/4 full so it is clearly not working correctly. JCT600 have been in touch with a Ford dealer who apparently told them that if replacing the fuel sender unit does not cure it then it is 'just part and parcel, and a characteristic' of that particular car. Needless to say that comment is incorrect and I have told them that I do not accept it. Any suggestions as to what the problem may be would be very appreciated. Thanks, David
  14. Parking Sensors - MK2 1.6 Ghia Focus

    I was looking for a Focus Ghia but got fed up of trying to find one without coroded alloys. In the end I got a black Zetec which has the nice feature of having had parking sensors added as an option. Does anyone know how to remove the door panel/trim on the front doors as there is a very annoying creaky noise coming from it.
  15. Focus Zetec niggles...........

    I've had a very good close look around the door and can't see any. No plugs either where there may be screws underneath. Mine is the latest model/shape of Focus 2005. I had a Mk1 and knew how to get the panel off that as I had to replace the central locking mechanism.