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  1. Always had the EGR blanked on mine, since before I had it so at least 2 1/2 years. never had a problem with it at all. Give the inlet manifold and EGR valve a clean while you're at it, they get very grubby with all that waste gas passing through them and choke the engine a bit.
  2. Cheers, I'd seen them but wasn't sure with them being from China, didn't want to have to send it all the way back there! Got a few feelers out to people breaking C Max's as I've read they fit too?
  3. Now I'm no expert, but that just sounds plain dumb. There's a reason water and the interior moving parts of an engine are kept seperate.
  4. Macclesfield in Cheshire, let me know if you find one please mate :)
  5. Since it hasn't been mentioned properly: The DMF failure seems to be why a lot of Mondeos move along to their new owners at high mileages like these, dead easy to check for meaning you can rule out a car (or plan ahead to replace the DMF) very quickly. With the engine idling with the clutch up, it'll make a rumbling noise, when you put the clutch pedal down it'll go away. Dead easy to check and worth doing. Parts alone when I did DMF and Clutch myself were £520, so to get it done at a garage you could easily be looking at near £1000 for the job.
  6. Does it only happen in one direction or both? Probably something in the clock spring mechanism that isn't turning it off I imagine
  7. Cheers for the offer mate but I'd like grey one really, blend in with the roof lining nicely
  8. Anybody got the part number or a link to where I can the extra sunglasses holder that fits in place of the driver side grab handle please? Did have one watched on eBay but I was too slow and lost it.
  9. That's probably it to be honest, I remember the first time I drove a diesel and it was a little unsettling the way that it picked up after gear changes without even putting any throttle into it! Don't think I could go back that easily now, I'd be stalling all the time because I'm so used to the torque
  10. Make a note of the engine RPM directly after you've put it into 5th and brought the clutch back up, it sounds to me just like the engine naturally getting to it's idle speed. try going into other gears at similar RPM and see how they pull too, Diesels pull back up to their idle speed very well so sometimes it can feel like the car trying to get away from you when really it's just getting comfortable again.
  11. Yeah, some of them have self levelling dampers on the back but not all. This is something that I need to double check but I'm pretty sure mine aren't self levellers as it usually squats down under load.
  12. Check camshaft position sensor too, if it's dying it doesn't speak to the ECU properly and the timing can be advanced or retarded when it doesn't need to be, causing lumpy running.
  13. Not sure if the dampers are different, I imagine they'd be the same and the springs would be different between estate/ hatch/ saloon to compensate for the increased loads estate tend to get. I'm aware that I may end up replacing the dampers to better match the springs if I go ahead with this, I can justify that since the whole setup back there has done 106k and still works fine.
  14. Yup, the 18's are more a project for next year. They need to be refurbed and two new tyres before going on the car so I'm not in any rush to do them. The bump stops occurred to me last night, thanks for replying with what I thought was right. I'm mostly after the cosmetic gain really
  15. PM'd you the link, hope it helps! Replacing the entire door card VS replacing just the pulls will have no effect 'in the long run', unless you were to make a hash of doing the job in the first place.
  16. Yup, very easy to do indeed! Careful not to twist your brake line by accidentally spinning the caliper round while working, MOT failure if spotted!
  17. I can't even remember where the wood effect trim is on the door cards, is it on the handle plates where the window controls are? If so, it's held on with a couple of melted doodahs. there's a guide online but it won't let me link to it.
  18. Aye, that's on my list of things to do actually, so I can get a better feel for how it will look loaded. But, it doesn't give me an awful lot of answers about how the suspension will operate when moving. The last thing I want to do is find myself rubbing the arch liners. How likely is that? My theory is that since Ford approves the Eibach kit, it should be pretty well suited to keeping the car practical aswell as making it look better and improve the handling a bit.
  19. Hi all, looking for some advice about the eibach pro kit lowering springs. 40mm front and 30mm rear I believe. I use the car to transport people and musical equipment from time to time, so it gets pretty loaded. Anybody got these springs and load their estate/ know more about them to give an opinion? I really like the look of them when they're on, especially with the 18" ST wheels I have lined up. But I need to know if I'm still ok to load my boot up too.
  20. Does anybody have a part number for the zetec S valance? having trouble finding one Also zetec S lower honeycomb grille - Will that fit into my regular zetec bumper?
  21. I spotted a painted front valance on a ghia X yesterday, it looks to be the same shape to me, so should it just swap straight over onto my regular zetec bumper?
  22. BUMP, anybody? Also interested in replacing the lower grille with the honeycomb style, easy?
  23. Hi all, I'm looking at sprucing up the front and rear ends of my car a bit. Did spend some time looking for titanium X bumpers but they don't come cheap, and I'm not sure my insurance company would take too kindly to it. Do I have an options in terms of changing the valances to something different? I have a TDCi 130 Zetec if it helps. Alternatively, has anybody body coloured their valances? seems photos are few and far between. I think it might look good, but I'm interested to see if anybody has done it already. I believe my car is Moondust silver, a 54 plate. Will this make it a pain to colour match?
  24. Not entirely sure to be honest, I've always thought Zetec was above Ghia. don't quote me on it. DMF is Dual Mass Flywheel. A lot of people shift their TDCi Mondeos once this starts to die because it's quite a big and expensive job to sort out. I was quoted over £1000 to get it fixed at a dealer, I did it myself and parts came to £520 for DMF, clutch and thrust bearing. When it's wearing out it'll start to rattle at idle speed, the sound goes away when you put the clutch down. Worth checking any cars you go to view.